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  • 5 - Find out how often users visit each page
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This helps Support Staff, Designers, Researchers, Instructors, Testers, and System Administrators.

  • Support Staff want to know many users are affected by page downtime.
  • Designers want to know what pages users visit most frequently so that they can optimize navigation to get to the content users want most.
  • This helps Researchers determine what kind of usage particular sites have.
  • Instructors want to know if students are actually looking at the materials they post on their sites. (I've had four requests for this in the last two weeks!)
  • Testers want to know pages they should absolutely test.
  • System Administrators want to know how the pages viewed correspond to system/application/database performance.

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  1. The HTTP logs contain this information, but what one needs to do to understand which page is being referred to is unclear. If I can get a hold of HTTP logs locally, I can run them in NetTracker and see if page title resolution works.

  2. Our HTTP logs are too big to analyze concurrently with the event logs. What would really help here are human-readable URLs that indicate (without resolution) site title, tool and page.