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  • 4 - Find out how often a particular widget is used
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This helps Designers, Researchers, Testers and System Administrators.

  • Designers want to know if the most frequently used widgets are easily accessible to users. Flows in those widgets may be good candidates for optimization so they can be used quickly.
  • Researchers want to know what types of actions users do within their sites and tools. For example, how often do users Edit the properties of files or folders?
  • Testers want to know what widgets should absolutely be tested given their frequency of use.
  • System Administrators want to know how the use of particular widgets corresponds to server/application/database performance.

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  1. This is supported unevenly through Sakai events. Many views do not appear in the event logs. For example, I know that is the posting of an Announcement, but locally we do not log the event that tells me if that Announcement is read.

  2. At this Usage Data BOF it was suggested that there should be a superset of events that are loggable, and it can be configured locally. Performance is an issue when we want to log many events, especially reads. However, if we export the events table to another space and do our analysis there, there would be less of a performance impact (if we don't continually write to the events table).