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All stakeholders want the capability to see trends, but they may want to see trends related to different metrics. I intended the emphasis in this use case to be "over time", to differentiate it from "right now".

  • For example, Support Staff and System Administrators want to know when they should expect to see site creations beginning to ramp up.
  • Designers and Researchers want to know how feature use differs from the beginning of the term to the end of the term.

Michigan uses home-grown software to do this with performance data, and uses NetTracker to do this with end-user usage data. In NetTracker, one can set up trend reports on a variety of fields. I've found it useful to do with the events that we log. I have very grossly chunked events into reports like "Student-ish Events", which contain reads of Resources, submitting Assignments, creating Discussion posts, and Chatting. There's another "Instructor-ish Events" trend report that shows site creation, posting Resources, post Announcements, and posting Schedule items. I've posted these reports as attachments to this page.

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