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  • 1 - Find out who did a particular action in a site
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This helps Support Staff and Developers.

  • Support staff need to know this to answer questions like "Email went out from my site, but I don't think I did anything to make it go out. Who sent it?"
  • Developers need to know this to troubleshoot errors related to roles.

At Michigan, we're currently using a third-party log analysis package to process the text files we export from the database that we call "event logs". The software we're using is NetTracker, from Sane Solutions.

At Michigan, we've done this on request in two ways. If the action happened 24 hours ago, we can look in the event logs that we process in NetTracker, filter by the site id, then look at all the events that have taken place. If the action happened less than 24 hours ago, we query the production database for essentially the same information, using DbVisualizer to connect and run the queries with an account that allows us to only run SELECT queries.

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  1. The weakness here is event logging. New tools need to include standard create, edit, delete, and read events that can be logged if a local institution wants to.