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Lead(s): Anastasia Cheetham, Colin Clark, Jutta Treviranus


TransformAble is useful for users who want to customize Sakai's appearance to improve the readability and accessibility. It consists of two parts:

StyleAble is a component that generates customized style sheets based on a user's stated preferences, allowing them to control the overall appearance of the site, including the font size, face, foreground colour, background colour, highlight colour, and link appearance. User preferences are created through a tool currently called PreferAble, which (once un-stealthed) can be added to any workspace.

TransformAble is being developed by the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at the University of Toronto. More information can be found on the project website:


Iteration: Mar. 5 - Mar. 14

  • Add help for PreferAble
  • Change license to ECL
  • Implement improvements to PreferAble's UI
  • Update JIRA with latest bugs and fixes
  • QA test plan development
  • More build and source code cleanup
  • Double-check internationalization and accessibility compliance

Iteration: Mar. 15 - Mar. 30

  • Implement QA test plan
  • Clean up warnings on first load of PreferAble
  • Fix IE inherit bug
  • Fix bug where link colour can be overridden in certain circumstances
  • Fix bug: static content not being styled properly
  • Document purpose, location and content of default preferences properties file
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