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Project: Content Review



Lead(s) Compilatio: Frédéric AgnèsMiguel Pellicer Carro


The Content Review project provides a set of API's for plagiarism prevention service plugins for Sakai. A back-end that uses the 3rd-party Turnitin service is currently available for production use although this will need to be replaced with a new IMS LTI-based integration by the end of 2016. It should also be possible to create implementations for other 3rd-party services which work in a similar way such as Ephorus, Longsight's VeriCite and Compilatio.

9/11/2016 Update

Since November of 2016, Content review also supports Compilatio Service, another option for the plagiarism prevention service.

The instructions to enable the integration are available in Github following this link Compilatio Antiplagiarism

15/06/2016 Update

There is a special page about IMS LTI integration for Turnitin. We are currently working with Entornos de Formacion, Rutgers and UWO to try to get this new integration into Sakai 10.8 and Sakai 11.1. Many thanks to all those who are helping.

28/04/2016 Update

The new IMS LTI integration for Turnitin is now complete. The code is due to be released as part of Sakai 10.8 and Sakai 11.1. I have included an update from Earle Nietzel - I just want say a huge public “THANKS” to Earle and Longsight for offering to help in getting the new Turnitin code into sakai 11.1. We are extremely grateful for their help.

I would like to take a moment to update the community on the upcoming changes for content review.

Content Review in Sakai has always seemed like a step child, many pieces of content review existed in different locations even repositories.

It was decided the this is just a bad approach and we should include all the pieces required to use content review OTB, and someone should be able to just turn it on with a sakai property.

Currently in master the content-review module has been completely revamped, see

A ContentReviewFederatedService starts up an configures which implementations to activate, see http s:// By default a NOOP service is configured OTB. All of the implementations are now conveniently located in the content-review module and not in a separate repo.

There is a new turnitin implementation that has just been completed (lead by Oxford) which will be replacing the current turnitin implementation which will expire. This new turnitin implementation is being adapted to the new content-review module and will be added to master shortly.

As a result this ongoing work it doesn’t make sense for it to have an effect on the upcoming 11.0 release for obvious reasons. However it does need to be included so that those wishing to use the new turnitin implementation can do so. Once the new turnitin implementation has been added to master and QA’d a new 11.x-CR branch will be created which will contain all the new content review changes for 11. Once 11.0 is released this branch will be merged back into 11.x and the following release 11.1 will contain all the new content review changes.

This represents the current and best way to bring the content review changes to 11.x without affecting an 11.0 release schedule. Caveat, while this represents the current plan to meet the communities needs it doesn’t mean that anything is written in stone, if some choices arise that will serve the community better they will most definitely be considered.

Sakai PMC/Core Team Member,

Earle Nietzel


24/02/2016 Update

First of all, many apologies on the lack of progress reports about progress with the new Sakai-Turnitin integration, there's no real excuse other than that I haven't had time to compose reports as I've been totally snowed under with work.

The good news is that the coding is progressing well, we have almost completed the work and I hope that I will be asking for volunteers to test the code quite soon.

There are inevitable differences from the previous integration, some positive (resubmissions and multiple files per submission are allowed, marks from Markbook will be sent back to the Assignments tool) and some negative (we cannot provide a link directly to an Originality Report (one is instead taken to the Assignments Inbox) and a handful of other things, mainly 'edge cases').

The new code will not work at all with Assignments 2

7/10/2015 Work Started on Replacement Code

We are pleased to announce that the project  to replace the integration code has finally started. The work is laid out on the separate U-TIC Project page.

14/09/2015 Business Requirements

This is on a separate Business Requirements page

3/06/15 Things to fix in new integration

This is on a separate Integration Issues page

15/04/2015 BoF at Apereo conference  confirmed (Adam Marshall)

There will be a Turnitin BoF at the conference, I'm currently not sure about the scheduling.

I'm happy to lead but am also happy for others to give mini-presentations if needs be. It may be interesting to have 5-10 mins on the current LTI tool I know nothing about it at all. It could be useful background info?

In my bit I'll aim to outline what iParadigms are proposing regarding the new integration / API, what the implications are for the Sakai community and what the implementation schedule will look like. Then we can all have a chat and make some plans.

23/03/2015 Clarification of the different TurnItIn APIs (Adam Marshall)

TurnItIn offers 2 main APIs, I find the terminology confusing so I asked iParadigms and posted their response below. The latest Sakai 'content review' code uses the Legacy API, prior to that the Open API was used but I'm not sure of the version where the switch-over happened.

  • Open API:
    • oldest API used for integration
    • was once publicly available to anyone
    • integrations did not get assigned an integration ID - so we could not identify who was connecting to Turnitin through this method (which makes it harder to identify the badly behaving integrations)
  • Legacy API:
    • utilises same codebase as the Open API
    • not as bad as Open API - each Legacy API integration has been assigned an integration ID for easier tracking and identification 

20/3/2015 The future of Sakai - TurnItIn integration (Adam Marshall)

Matthew (Buckett) and I finally had the long-awaited conference call with Jessica Wells, Alex Bell and Gary Carr from iParadigms. The purpose of the call was to establish a route forward for the Sakai - TurnItIn integration and to answer a number of outstanding questions that we have compiled on behalf of the Sakai community.

The headline news is that iParadigms are putting a lot of effort into ensuring that future Sakai integration will look much the same as it currently does to the end-user. That is to say, it will be possible for the Sakai community to write brand new integration code for the Assignments tool (and others if necessary) that will replicate the current functionality.

iParadigms are NOT proposing to force Sakai to use the IMS LTI "external tool" route of integration. It is true that the new integration would pass some information around in an IMS LTI 1.1 standards compliant manner, but there are also a whole host of "custom extensions" to the LTI spec which allow tight integration with the Assignments tool. The IMS LTI spec can be used to pass marks back to the Gradebook tool.

The fact that the integration is based on IMS LTI is not that important, it may help to think of iParadigms offering a brand new API which we will need to code against.

The other headline is that the API that is currently used by Sakai will not be withdrawn until a suitable replacement exists. In other words, the current integration will not suddenly stop working: iParadigms are committed to ensuring that the switch-over to the new back-end is as smooth as possible.

We did raise a few questions that require clarification from iParadigms, these were in the area of error handling: what happens if TurnItIn tries to return some information to Sakai whilst the service is down for maintenance, or whilst the network is unavailable?

The documentation is available at: <>. Please post questions / comments about this to the list - Jessica is a list member and will be able to respond accordingly.

iParadigms do not expect the proposed extensions to be available for use until May / June 2015 so code development could not start until then.

I hope that this positive outcome will dispel some of the worries that have been circulating of late. I for one am quite pleased with how things seem to be panning out.

28/11/2014 - Another New Method Of Integration (Adam Marshall)

iParadigms sent this communication n 12 Nov 2014. "To offer advanced functionality to our LTI integration customers, we have implemented custom LTI extensions to give customers more flexibility with the integration. We've actually since made more of these which are not yet documented. With the LTI extensions, the student can continue to submit into Sakai, and Sakai can programmatically pass the file over to us if appropriate. We have not implemented these in Sakai, but we see a need for them and so wanted to discuss with Sakai code contributors the possibility of working together to have these included in future iterations of Sakai."

It is not 100% clear what is happening to the TS2 code but it looks like it is being superseded.

Watch this space!

28/02/2014 - New TurnItIn API (Adam Marshall)

iParadigms intend to withdraw the current (2012) API. New "TS2" integration code, which is located at:, has been developed against a brand new API and, when complete, should be the library that all institutions use. Unfortunately this code is not yet finished (Feb 2014) and we would welcome any collaborative efforts from the community to take the matter forward.

In a change to previously reported policy, individual Sakai community members no longer need to sign the "ConnectItIn" agreement - I was told that the MoU between Sakai and iParadigms covers the use of the new API by Sakai:

I would like to collect a list of institutions who use TurnItIn via Sakai with a view to setting up a consortium who can help Oxford develop and support the new integration. Oxford simply doesn't have the resources to do this alone. Please enter details lower down on this page.

Interested in TS2?

We need developers, code reviewers, testers, technical writers, and early adopters. Please signup here and indicate what role you would be able to play.

Steve Swinsburg   
Adam MarshallDeveloper, Early Adopter, Tester
Adrian FishDeveloper
Chris SchauerDeveloper

Update May 8, 2012

An updated set of instructions for new users has been made available for the Turnitin Content Review Service. It is necessary to follow these guidelines going forward as the 'Open API' option is no longer available.

The guide can be found here

New Stuff! April 27, 2011

Version 1.0 of the Content Review Service is nearly complete. Instructions and release notes are in progress here


August 2012

Tunitin Content Review 0.8

A branch of the Turnitin content review implementation has been released, which adds the following:

  • Integration with GradeMark - This allows instructors to set a grade via the Turnitin Document Viewer and have that grade reflected in the Sakai gradebook
  • Additional Assignment 2 options - adds support for ETS Erater
  • Migration from the Open API
  • Multiple Instructors - Allow instructors who haven’t created a Turnitin assignment on Sakai to access the Turnitin Document Viewer

Installation instructions can be found here


Turnitin Content Review 0.5

Version 0.5 of the Turnitin Content Review implementation is considered stable and in production use at several universities. Information on deploying and developing against it can be found here.


Turnitin CR 0.5 is currently stable. Outside of occasional bug fixes there is not any major feature development under way.

Implementation Sites


Sakai Version

Integration Points



Cape Town

Sakai 2.6 Turnitin CR 0.5

Asnn 1


Roger Brown,  Stephen Marquard


Sakai 2.5 Turnitin CR 0.5

Asnn 1


Raad Al-Rawi

Northwest, South Africa


Asnn 1


Adelle Lotter 



Asnn 1




Sakai 2.9 Turnitin CR 0.8

Asnn 2


Michelle Wagner.

LAMP (Appalachian College Association)

Sakai 2.7 Turnitin CR 0.5

Asnn 1


Martin Ramsay (mailto:

Seminole State

Sakai 2.7 Turnitin CR 0.5

Asnn 1



Lourdes College

Sakai 2.7 Turnitin CR 0.5

Asnn 1



Walsh U

Sakai 2.7 Turnitin CR 0.5

Asnn 1



Bradley U

Sakai 2.6 Turnitin CR 0.5

Asnn 1



Sabanci University

Sakai 2.5 Turnitin CR sakai_2.5.x branch

Asnn 1


SUCourse Team

Oxford University

Sakai 2.10 Turnitin CR 0.7

Asnn 1


Adam Marshall

Pepperdine University

Sakai 10.x Turnitin CR 0.7

Asnn 1



Mark Giglione

University of Florida

Sakai 2.9 Third-party plug-in/integration developed by the University of Cape Town

Asnn 1 + Ass 2


UF Sakai Team, or, Chris Gross

University of the Pacific

Sakai 2.6 Turnitin CR 0.5

Asnn 1


Nathan Finley

Western UniversitySakai 2.9.1 Turnitin CR 0.7Asnn 1ProductionBrian Jones, Paul Lukasewych
Rutgers UniversitySakai 2.9.1 Turnitin CR 0.7Asnn1 + Assn2Production

Christian Aziz, Michael Gradin

Marist CollegeSakai Turnitin CR 0.7Asnn 1ProductionUdaya Ghattamaneni, Joshua Baron, John Digilio

American Public University System (APUS)

in Sakai 2.9.3 ProdJeremy Kusnetz (
Miami University in Oxford, OhioSakai 2.9Ass 1 & Ass 2 

Scoville, David

Willamette University   Cheryl Cramer
NYU   Francesca Socolick, Gary W Shawver,  (other contact details available on request)
Durham Technical Community CollegeSakai 2.9.0Assn 1ProductionLongsight (local contact Karen McPhaul)
TuftsSakai 2.8 (rSmart CLE, Turnitin CR ~0.8Ass 1Prod

Will Humphries,

University of Baltimore   James Campbell
Roger Williams University   Ashai Net International (local contact: Linda L Beith & Shawn Platt)
University of DaytonSakai 2.9 ProdPaul Dagnall 
Pacific Lutheran University  ProdSean Horner:
Flying Kite   Steve Swinsburg
University of the Witwatersrand   Taurai Hungwe
Stockholm2.8.1 ProdMadeleine Wedin Shemweta


   Wolfgang Rohregger
Lancaster UniversitySakai 2.9.xAssn 1ProdAdrian Fish
Brock UniversitySakai 2.9.xAssn 2ProdMatt Clare, Michael Brousseau
Boston Uni, School of Management   

Carla Villanueva, Amir Rashid

Texas State UniversitySakai 2.8.2 (2.9.3 in Spring 2014)Assn 1Prod

Jimmy Rico

Ithaca CollegeSakai 2.9.3Assn 1Prod

Marilyn Dispensa, Mary Jo Watts

Notre Dame   Laura Gekeler
UNIR - Universidad Internacional de La RiojaSakai 10.0Assn 1ProdRubén González, Miguel Pellicer Carro
UCAM - Universidad Católica San Antonio de MurciaSakai 10.3Assn 1ProdMiguel Ángel Guillén, Miguel Pellicer Carro
IQ - Industry QualificationsSakai 10.0Assn 1DEVStephanie Loke, Miguel Pellicer Carro

Planned Work

Oxford has secured funding to work on further integration. We will be circulating plans as they emerge - this will probably not be until 2012.



JIRA project:
Turnitin Integration Spec/Discussion:
Early Estimate/Design:

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