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  • TCC Project Coordination Meetings at 2013 Conference
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There will be a number of times that the TCC will meet for project coordination at the 2013 Apereo Conference in San Diego. These meetings are open to all in the community and are scheduled at the following times:

  • Sunday, June 2 from 1pm- 6pm in Crystal I 
  • Thursday, June 6 from 1pm - 6pm in Diamond I

Who is coming?

NameAttending Sunday?Attending Thursday?
Alan Berg(tick)(tick)

Noah Botimer


Matthew Buckett

John Bush(error)(tick)
David Horwitz *Will be@ conference(error)(tick)
Matthew Jones(tick)(tick)

Beth Kirschner


Jean-François Lévêque


Megan May


Sam Ottenhoff


Charles Severance


Steve Swinsburg


Seth Theriault


Anthony Whyte


Aaron Zeckoski (tongue)

Neal "Non-TCC" Caidin(tick)(tick)
Richard Webber(tick)(tick)
Cris Holdorph (non-tcc)(tick)(tick)
Charles Hedrick(error)(tick)
Makoto Tsuchitani(tick)(tick)
Bob Long(tick)(tick)
Lydia Li(error)(tick)




Brief Summaries of Meetings   

 Agendas & Detailed notes are available on the 2013 Apereo TCC Meeting Notes page

  Who we are & how we work

  • PMC Proposal
    • No disagreement about this. 
    • Anthony Whyte will float final proposal to list for discussion and vote
  • Project organization & Release simplification 
    • Anthony, Matt, & Aaron will work on proposal and send to lists
  • Documentation
    • Group is working on pulling together definitive documentation for things like What is Sakai, How to get it/build it, How to get involved, ect. 
    • These will be static pages and likely included in
  • ACL clean up for SVN
    • Beth will check it in changes. Please see email
  • Email Distribution lists
    • An attempt to consolidate Sakai email lists will be undertaken in collaboration with groups using those lists
  • SVN vs GIThub
    • Will not pursue moving the repo to GIT at this time.  This will be something that is revisited once simplification in svn occurs
  • Future Release Cycles 
    • Maintenance releases - only plan for 3 maint. releases and if we need to do a 4th.
      • 2.9.3 light
    • Next Major Release (ie 2.10) 
      • changes is there confidence around including right now
        • dashboard

        • keiti

        • LTI 2.0

        • analytics (Tincan API)

        • calculated questions in samigo

        • elastic search
        • Lessons CC export.   inline questions and rubrics (tentative)
        • Spring and Hibernate to versions 3.2.3 and 3.6.1

      • Freeze  Oct 1 & make beta by Nov. Aim to release in March
    • Float formal voting changes to the list (Anthony)

 What we are going to do

Project Based

  • iRubric Integration
    • Work to reate an abstraction layer (e.g. ScoringService) that iRubric could implement, allowing a more maintainable solution to be checked into core Sakai.  UMich (A1), ANI (GB2) & IU (GB & A2) will work on this.
  • Promotions/Deprecations

    • Promotions - Tools to look at but no commitment to a particular release
      • Help (Edia)
      • Roster2
      • Signup
    • Deprecations (Sleath with removal from release externals)
      • profile - where are the dependencies?  
      • Hybrid - arwhyte: checked with Nico, it can go
      • Link tool - start by sleath
    • Decision to not make changes
      • OSP
      • rwiki 
  • Usability Issues
    • Would like to looks at usability issues in Sakai - likely cut across tools
    • Chuck H will put together a survey and come up with the top list of issues. Will tackle first couple low hanging fruit items.
  • IMS Learning Tools Interoperability 2.0 
    • Chuck working on this. 
    • Target for next major release (2.10)
  • Need Feedback, Additional Analysis, or Volunteer Needed
    • Replace Commons Logging+Log4j with SLF4J+Logback:  Look at Seths proposal and give him feedback
    • JMS Service - further analysis needed
    • sakai properties (undocumented ones, files, defaults, samples):
      • Aaron Z has done a lot of work over the past 2 years and now needs help with documentation.   Technical skills not requires - just ability to dig through email
    • Mooc profile for 2.10
      • Alan Berg writing up proposal
  • Deferred Items
    • Back porting new trunk LessonBuilder features to 2.9.x for 2.9.3
    • Proposal: JSR-168 Portlet as Sample Code / Preferred Tool Pattern for New Tools 
    • Review of Important Unfunded Mandates & Other lists


Last updated July 2013

ACL clean up for SVN

Project organization & Release simplification proposal

  • Initial proposal made on 17 June (see thread on TCC list).
  • On holding waiting for feedback from Seth

Email Distribution lists

PMC Proposal

  • Draft in progress.

Usability Issues


  • No labels


  1. There are a couple items with no discussion leader. 

    • Support for browser back button?
    • Dashboard
    • Moving from svn to GIT

    Anyone want to claim them?

  2. It is not clear to me what the dashboard point on the agenda is. If it is to-do with Learning Analytics or site reporting then it is more logical to discuss Tincan API first as a heads up.

  3. I believe Anthony is going to add detail.  That said it is code that is already developed that  shows a dashboard to users.