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Saturday June 9 (1:30 PM - ?) - NO MEETING

Sunday June 10 (1:30 PM - 5:30 PM)

Location: Roswell 1


Open time to discuss anything (partial attendance expected)

  • General planning for the future of the CLE.
  • Session presentation scheduled on Thursday at 10:15AM so we need some plan of what to present.
  • TBD


Jasig and Sakai Lightning Sessions - Sakai CLE, uPortal, uMobile, CAS, Scheduling Asst.

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM
Conference Center Room 5 (7th Floor) 

Leadership and Future Directions

CLE Team Status Update
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Tower 1402 (14th Floor)

Leadership and Future Directions

Sakai CLE TCC Update 
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
Tower 1402 (14th Floor)



Thursday June 14 (1:30 PM - 6:00 PM)

Location: Tower 1401


Primary meeting time, all active members expected to attend

NOTE: Updates should go on the action items page: TCC CLE Action Items

Release specifics
  • 2.9 Release
    • When will betas be done and 2.9.0 released
    • Criteria for releasing 
    • Making sure security issues are addressed/responded to
    • Expected future of 2.9 releases
    • Use the trunk skin (only if it can be ready by July 4th - a11y, GS)
  • 2.8 Release
    • Future 2.8 releases
    • How many more releases/effort? maybe 1, possibly 0
  • 2.7 will be deprecated @ 2.9 release (assume 2012)
    • If you're running it, watch out for security fixes but there will not be more releases or active bug fixing or merging
  • TODO: send out info to let people know about the 2.7/2.8 status
New 2.10 features and proposals
  • Configuration in the UI properties/messages (all other major LMSs have this)
    • Complete config cleanup
    • Config persisted in the DB (master from files)
    • Register the config props in code (like function manager)
    • john bush put something thinking into a design with a raw prototype last year, see, Runtime configuration of properties.  rSmart would very much like to get involved in this effort as it is closely related to the runtime config of i18n work we did a few years back.
  • Tomcat 7 required - webdav no longer works in 5.5 (2.9+)
    • Agreed - no more support for running on 5.5 or 6
    • Update to newest TC 5.5 in 2.8.x but no higher
  • Java 7 / Open JDK compatible/recommended (Java 6 required). Analysis. (build on the OpenJDK work already done)
    • Oracle JDK for Mac has issues (we think)
    • QA servers on OpenJDK 7 & Oracle JDK 7
  • Updating maven plugin (via config) to deploy to standard TC 6/7 layout (ie /lib) and making Sakai work with that. (2.10+)
    • Changes to deploy.xml across everything that has it
    • Config options to support the old structure?
    • Config option to place things in an alternate dir (from lib)?
    • Possibly making our own dirs and config
    • PROS & CONS?
  • Search, cluster issues
  • Oxford improvements (completed) in Core and JIRA
    • OAuth (+admin) -  SAK-22278 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Soft Delete - OK
    • Direct endpoints (resources / message center) - OK
  • Move EB (or most of it) into kernel
    • Make it another package in kernel OR just do it like the other services
  • Version numbering for sakai core and kernel
    • Move Samigo to unaligned version numbers (3? 1?)
    • Move sakai/trunk to reflect what is in sakai-trunk-all (NOW)
  • New tool/replacements for 2.10
    • Roster2 to replace Roster (Adrian?)
      • Also drop profile 1
      • Ensure that official pictures support matches with roster (legacy)
    • Assignment2 to replace Assignment - NOT NOW
    • A blog of some description: Clog, BlogWow
      • Maybe we should not have a blog in the core release - agreed (no blog or clog in core)
    • Turning on portal chat by default? TBD
      • Maybe needs abstraction for how it communicates (alternative to jgroups, ability to turn it off in user prefs)
      • Config and jgroups??
      • Abstract way to handle messaging
    • Web Content portlet 
      • Better backend detection of whether sites will allow themselves to be framed or not
      • Grabbing 'preview images' like facebook
      • Post 2.9 - rock this for a week
      • Wisconsin "web proxy portlet"? - eric dalquist
      • OAE proxy servlet?
    • News Feeds to replace News
      • Could be improved (options page) - 85% done
      • OK to go as is though
  • Calendar tool that supports all features of ical?
    • Work ongoing and some stuff already done, needs to be consolidated?
    • Bedework? as a pluggable option? (maybe we have an attempt available)
    • Maybe not for 2.10?
  • DOCS project - Anyone working on improving resources?
  • Hibernate upgrade ( KNL-515 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Will break all contrib tools that use hibernate (many 50% or so)
    • Mysql indexing, number of sql/hql params, requires artifact name changes
    • 3.5.8 from 3.2.7?
    • Maybe look at 4.1 later (much bigger effort)
  • Spring 3 upgrade
    • This breaks all the contrib tools (that use spring - almost all)
  • JSF upgrade
    • Can be done for each tool individually - no need to upgrade across the board
    • Can be done piecemeal
  • Spring annotations for components (add support to the kernel to allow it)
    • OK for 2.10
  • Removal of deprecated kernel methods
    • not now
  • Caching
    • Request level (threadlocalmanager replacement)
      • Replace with actual cache or at least TLM patches that look for request and operate differently when outside one?
    • Sessions (portable and cached)
      • Eliminate sticky sessions, less memory use, possible to cycle servers
      • Wrap and redirect objects out of the session and put it in the cache?
    • Messages, Queues, Events (through the DB currently)
      • Use JMS api, change current implementation to use a "to the db" impl
    • Invalidation, cluster caching (abstracted)
      • Try to turn this on in ehcache, see if anyone dies
    • Address Performance issues
      • 2.9 candidate (definite 2.10)
      • KNL-600 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Authz query (from VT):  KNL-934 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Tool look/feel improvements
    • CKEditor tune-up
      • Remove unnecessary buttons
      • Optimize a view for mobile now that iOS supports it again
      • Make sure no double scroll bars
      • Standard CKeditor configs (minimal vs full)
    • Megan - Samigo team update
      • Newer release of Samigo for 2.9
  • i18n centralized settings:  SAK-15037 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Continue getting more duplicate settings into here to eliminate inconsistency in labels and make translation easier
    • Not for 2.10 (says the i18n guys)
  • i18n cleanup of unused strings (for 2.10)
  • Stuff that should be enabled by default
    • Shorturl enabled by default, and activated in Resources:  SAK-21848 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • OK
    • Announcement reordering
      • OK, also 2.9
    • site.roleswap - added to Instructor and maintain roles
      • OK and 2.9 (migration and install) - check lessons
  • Replacement for WURFL
    • mobile-detect library? - SS - OK in 2.9
    • see if we can enable RTE for ipad, etc.
  • Complicated UIs are sucky, what up with that?
    • OSP - no hope
  • Multi-tab / multi-window / less-session heavy tools
    • assignments
    • samigo
    • gradebook?
    • forums?
    • announcements
  • Fix long operations to use async processing
    • probably in quartz or jobscheduler
    • alternatively bringing in a jms provider (messageservice in contrib/activemq) is another way to do this.  One of the problems using quartz this way is that the quartz log can get really noisy for things that fit this bill that occur often, then you need a purging solution, otherwise the quartz event log gets unwieldy.  Once consideration we run into when attempting to use quartz for this purpose.
  • ???
Other business
  • New Membership candidates?
  • Usually didn't do elections but at least some thought as to next Vice Chair
  • Broad goals for the CLE in the future.  ie can we find a way to agree on certain areas to focus on that are user focused? 

Friday June 15 (9:00 AM - noon)

Location: Tower 1405

Agenda: Continued from Thursday IF needed
TCC group decided to NOT continue into friday as all agenda items were covered



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  1. A thought . . . . in the summary, identify items that are resourced and items that need resources.   Perhaps someone not here will step forward
  2. Agree with megan's comment, in addition maybe prioritizing these would be helpful even ahead of resourcing.  The list is getting long, I suspect that means we won't get to all of it, a prioritization might bring some focus.