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  • Date: Sunday, June 12th
  • Location: Santa Anita BC room in Westin Bonaventure Hotel
  • Time: 9am - 5:30pm. - Lunch will graciously be provided by the Sakai Foundation


Notes during the discussion will be captured in etherpad:

Afterword a summary will be posted to the bottom of this page and sent out to the Sakai distribution lists.


We will be dividing up the project meeting into several moderated discussions on the following topics:




Additional Details

09:00AM - 09:30AM

Welcome & Introductions

Megan May


09:30AM - 10:30AM

Planning & Road map for CLE: Sakai 2.9.0, Part I

Seth Theriault & Megan May

10:30AM - 10:45AM




10:45AM - 11:45AM

Planning & Road map for CLE: Sakai 2.9.0, Part II

Seth Theriault & Megan May


11:45AM - 12:45PM



Boxed lunches will be provided.   This is a great time for informal discussions with attendees.

12:45PM - 01:45PM

Build Process & Release Cycles

Anthony Whyte

01:45PM - 02:30PM

CLE Development/Design/Testing Resources

Beth Kirschner

How can we expand the ranks of active contributors in the areas of development, design & testing?

02:30PM - 02:45PM




02:45PM - 03:30PM

Wiki & JIRA Cleanup

Aaron Zeckoski & Jean-Francois Leveque

Proposed Changes to JIRA, JIRA Reform

03:30PM - 04:15PM

Planning & Road map for CLE: Sakai 2.10.0

Charles Severance

04:15PM - 05:15PM

Other Topics / Organize BOFs (All)

Beth Kirschner & Megan May 

Time will be broken into segments no longer than 10 mins for sharing and brief discussion.  Please contact Beth or Megan  if you are interested in a slice of this time.

  • i18n (J-F, David, Shoji)
  • accessibility (Brian)
  • documentation (Matthieu)
  • Sakai Rooms (Chuck)

05:15PM - 05:30PM

Wrap Up








Interests / Topics for discussion


Megan May

Indiana University

Building and expanding CLE team (ie onboarding),  Release Management, JIRA reform and documentation, the 2.9 roadmap


Steve Swinsburg

The Australian National University

Profile2, Mobile, Basic LTI


Charles Severance

Uni Michigan School of Information

Portal, Adrian Chat, Lesson Builder


Jean-François Lévêque

Université Pierre et Marie Curie

i18n, L10n, Accessibility, QA, RM, JIRA reform and documentation, ...


Karen Watkins

Indiana University

2.x roadmap, Resources


Anthony Whyte

Sakai Foundation / University of Michigan

build simplification, release cycle improvements, indies, Tomcat upgrade, Java 1.6, "app store", CLE team concept (elimination of anachronistic project boundaries), governance.


Mathieu Plourde

University of Delaware

Documentation and end-user support


Nate Angell


roadmap, release cycle improvements, mobile, accessibility, i18n/l10n


Beth Kirschner

University of MIchigan

2.x roadmap, I18N, build process, jira workflow, etc.


Brian Richwine

Indiana University



John A. Lewis


Roadmap, Process, Governance


Raúl Mengod López

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

i18n, build simplification, release cycle improvements, indies, CLE team concept (elimination of anachronistic project boundaries)


David Roldán Martínez

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

i18n, build simplification, release cycle improvements, indies, CLE team concept (elimination of anachronistic project boundaries)


Aaron Zeckoski


Wiki cleanup and documentation communication, JIRA workflows, "full build" vs "indie build"


Matt Jones

University of Michigan

Placeholder text to be filled in at a later date


Noah Botimer

University of Michigan

Pizza, build/packaging/release process, the FUTURE


Makoto Tsuchitani

Stanford University

2.x roadmap, Mobile


Shoji Kajita

Nagoya University

Internationalization, localization, Portal, Adrian Chat, Lesson Builder


Seth Theriault

Columbia University



Charles Hedrick 




Sam Ottenhoff


2.x roadmap, provision tools, big patches


Richard Webber

Stanford University

2.x roadmap, integration with third party services


Kirk Alexander

University of California Davis

Gradebook 2


Bob Long

Saginaw Valley State University



Stephen Marquard

University of Cape Town

Integration with and migration to OAE


David Horwitz

University of Cape Town


















Summary to community


   On Sunday, June 12th a group met in person to discuss opportunities and challenges within the CLE community.  

One discussion strove to build consensus about changes to the next CLE minor release, 2.9.0, and the following proposals are being circulated to the community for additional comment: 

  • Inclusion of NeoPortal.  
    • The chat showcased with this new portal should be disabled until the technology is reviewed and performance tested  
  • Inclusion of Lesson Builder, a way to structure content, will be included in provisional  (ie stealthed) status
  • Inclusion of Mailsender, a drop-in replacement for the deprecated Mailtool, as a core tool
  • CKeditor will be the default editor for 2.9
  • Inclusion of News Feeds as a core tool and the deprecation of the current New tool
  • Inclusion of soft delete for sites & resources
  • End support for Oracle 9i going forward (in the 2.8.x code line, this would begin with 2.8.1)
  • Recommended version of MySQL is minimally 5.1
  • Recommended JDK is minimally 1.6
  • Upgrade to Tomcat 7
  • Upgrade to JSF 1.2 version (dependency on upgrade of Tomcat 7)
  • Adoption of a release schedule [1] that closely mirrors that of 2.8.0

Additionally, these are areas where the group was aware of significant work but needs to review further prior to consideration for inclusion in 2.9:

  • Blogs
  • Roster

Many topics not tied to a specific release and/or relating to fostering the CLE ecosystem were discussed throughout the rest of the day.    Below is a quick summary of each of discussion that identified steps forward. 



Currently there is no definitive list of all properties (ie sakai.properites) and results in implementers not knowing the possibilities with the Sakai CLE product.  Going forward, more discussion needs to occur to look at how this can be best accomplished

Revised Build

We discussed a proposal for improving the current build and release process in order to provide a more efficient workflow. Some minor changes will be further described and tested. 


There is a large amount of out of date/ inaccurate information currently in Confluence.   The community needs to have authoritative documentation; particularly in the areas like “Getting Started”  (ie for faculty, admins), marketing materials, and with release information like release notes, system admin guides, ect .

Confluence has been central to the community and a section of confluence with restricted write access needs to be established.   Other spaces will be tagged to indicate that they are community contributions.  Longer term out of date information should be moved into accessible archive location to preserve the history of the project.


The group discussed proposals for addressing the large backlog of JIRA issues, such as providing a workflow for JIRA, better communicating the existing process to the community, and some other minor improvements.

Work toward building the CLE Development team

There have been many teams (RM, MT, Project Leads) working within the CLE.   It’s time to start bringing these groups together to build a cohesive team.

A proposal for combining the Release Management & Maintenance Team calls into one “CLE Development Team” call every couple of weeks. These meetings would include both structured agenda and opportunities for questions and mentoring. Additional ideas for improving participation on the maintenance team were discussed, including what has and has not worked in the past.

Sakai 2.10.0 Brainstorming

The group spent about an hour brainstorming areas to focus on for a 2.10.0 CLE release.  Ideas shared during this time included: Session failover, import/export of content, improve the UI across the toolset, better stack trace error handling, move from using state to urls , QoS request, worker queue, gradebook and better UI support for large classes.  A theme that emerged during this discussion was that addressing the top 10 places for each of the afore mentioned topics would move us to a significantly better place in terms of enhancing the CLE’s place in the market place.

Other Topics

The project coordination meeting ended with updates and status on several focus areas, including internationalization, accessibility and documentation.

Additional information about each of theses topics as well as the notes from the day are available off the agenda in Confluence [2].   

We want to encourage and welcome questions, comments and additional considerations.   


Megan May

Sakai CLE Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) Chair

Beth Kirshner

Sakai CLE  Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) Vice Chair

[1] Proposed 2.9.0 Schedule

[2] LA CLE Project Coordination

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