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  • JIRA Workflow: Using Labels to track Performance Issues
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 The proposal is to use a 'Performance' label to flag performance related issues so there is a consistent way to filter these issues across projects.  This will include archiving the Performance component and removing the Performance component from all issues in Sakai CLE projects which are not closed. As of March 13, 2013, there is one Jira issue that is not closed and uses Performance as a component.

Documentation at Sakai Jira Guidelines will also be updated to include this instruction.

This issue will be revisited in 3 (June 2013) months to see if it is working well.   If so, the idea is to roll this out to i18n and accessibility groups, consulting with these groups first, to make sure that there would not be any unanticipated impacts and to develop a transition or communications plan if necessary.

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