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Now the PMC

The TCC is now the Sakai Project Management Committee (PMC)
This page and content is now historical 

Sakai CLE Technical Coordination Committee

The CLE TCC works with existing community groups and processes to provide technical direction, advice, and coordination that both nurtures and enhances the Sakai CLE ecosystem.

The principal communication mechanism for CLE TCC members is the public sakai2-tcc mailing list. This list is open to non-TCC members. Occasionally, TCC meetings may be held, either in person or otherwise, but a summary of the meeting and any decisions taken will be published on list.

The CLE TCC also provides updates on its activities to the Announcements, Management, QA, and Developement lists as needed.

Current Initiatives

June  2013

May 2013

  • Release of Sakai 2.9.2 (Tentative)

March 2013

  • 6 month review of CLECC position

February 2013

  • 2.9.1 Maintenance release
  • 2.8.3 Maintenance release
  • Succession of Megan May as TCC Chair
  • Educause proposal submitted

January 2013

  • Election of Anthony Whyte as TCC Vice Chair for 2nd half 2013
  • First Apereo Unconference has 1/3 TCC representation

November 2012

  • Meeting with CLECC, TCC current and previous chair to finalize release and further discuss CLECC goals
  • Sakai 2.9.0 released

September 2012

  • Determined final key issues blocking 2.9 release candidate
  • Sakai 2.9 release candidate approved

August 2012

  • Succession of Matthew Jones as TCC Chair
  • Neal Caidin begins work as CLECC

July 2012

  • Hiring and setting goals for the CLECC position
  • Election of Megan May as TCC Vice Chair for 2nd half 2012
    • Nominated: Noah Botimer, Alan Berg

June 2012

February 2012

  • Succession of Aaron Zeckoski as TCC Chair

January 2012

  • Election of Matt Jones as TCC Vice Chair

October 2011

September 2011

  • Sakai 2.7.2 maintenance release

August 2011

  • Succession of Beth Kirschner as TCC Chair
  • Review and approval of several new features and infrastructure changes for Sakai 2.9
  • Expansion of membership to include Sam Ottenhoff

July 2011

  • Election of new TCC Vice Chair : Aaron Zeckoski
  • Determine the scope and schedule for a 2.7.2 release
  • Implementation of "indie" build recommendations for LA Project Coordination meetings Revised Build & Release proposals

June 2011

  • Successful organization and coordination of Sakai CLE project coordination meeting, June 12th, at Sakai Conference: LA Sakai CLE Project Coordination.  A series of recommendations for 2.9 and the CLE product resulted.
  • Provide final kernel release, 1.0.20, for Sakai 2.6 code line

April 2011

  • Sakai 2.8.0 released

February 2011

  •  Succession of Megan May as next TCC Chair

January 2011

  • Election of Beth Kirshner as next TCC Vice-Chair

September 2010

  • Determined final appropriate merges to the 2.5 code base
  • Triaged 2.6-related Jira tickets, and merge tested and verified fixes to the 2.6.x maintenance branch
  • Determined the scope and schedule for an imminent 2.6.3 release
  • Determined the scope and schedule for a 2.7.1 release
  • Determined the scope and schedule for a 2.8 release
  • Facilitated activities and communication for Sakai 2.8.0 release
Important Links

Committee Members- Who we are
Governance - How we work
Formation Announcement- Announcement sent to community about the formation of this committee
Communication- How we communicate with each other and with the community
Meetings - Meeting notes

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