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Formation Announcement, 19 July 2010

At the Denver conference in June, a self-organized group of community members met to discuss and form a Sakai 2 Technical Coordination
Committee (TCC) to both nurture and enhance the Sakai 2 ecosystem. Proposals for this sort of group -- inspired directly by the Apache
Foundation's Project Management Committees -- have been under informal discussion for at least a couple of years.

As experienced members of the Sakai community, we feel the TCC can work with existing community groups and processes to provide technical
direction, advice, and coordination. We believe this is currently an unfilled need in the Sakai 2 community and that it will further the
long term development and health of the Sakai 2 project. More concretely, we have identified the following action items to be
addressed by this group by September 2010:

-- Determine final appropriate merges to the 2.5 code base
-- Triage 2.6-related Jira tickets, and merge tested and verified fixes to the 2.6.x maintenance branch
-- Determine the scope and schedule for an imminent 2.6.3 release
-- Determine the scope and schedule for a 2.7.1 release
-- Determine the scope and schedule for a 2.8 release

The 2.8 planning is already reflected in the discussions and proposals made at the Sakai 2 planning meetings in Denver:

We will review this new group's work in September, and decide whether the TCC needs to continue or be disbanded. Discussion of our work can
be followed on the TCC mailing list,
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