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  • 2015 Community Survey question brainstorm
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  1. Sample survey question: What is the number one improvement you would like to see in Sakai and for which it is likely you can contribute resources?
  2. What is the highest web accessibility standard that your institution's instance of Sakai is mandated to meet?
    1. None
    2. Web Accessibility/ADA Section 508 Compliance
    3. WCAG 2 Level A or AA, or a standard based on WCAG 2
    4. A standard higher than WCAG 2 Level AA or significantly different but stringent
    5. I tried really hard to understand this question, but couldn't and didn't want to affect the results
  3. please add your question here.


BTW: Sakai Tool Survey Results 2014

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  1. I want to know how many Sakai/OAE schools and organizations are out there and where they are. It would be helpful to generate a list of Apereo schools and orgs for contact and community building. Eventually I want to mark those schools and organizations on a world map. It would be even better to have a count of their users in each institution.