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Project Overview

The SWITCH project is an ongoing project to add visual and interaction consistency throughout Sakai. The project will include taking an inventory of the current interface (see the Sakai UI Inventory/Pattern Library project), developing a style guide, identifying how the guide and design system will be maintained, and finally implementing those changes through the core tools in Sakai.

SWITCH = Standardization WithIn Tools Can Happen


Sakai is the combined effort of multiple institutions from around the world for more than a dozen years.

Project Goals and Scope


SakaiUI Goals

Style Guide Goals

Standardization Scope

SWITCH Requirements and Criteria

SWITCH UI Changes Work Breakdown Spreadsheet (on Google Docs)


Style Guides and Pattern Libraries Research Notes

Style Guide and Pattern Library Systems

Phases and Timeline

The dates listed before are the originally-estimated timeline.

UI InventoryJune to November 2017

Capturing Sakai's user interface elements across the application to find inconsistencies.
Evaluating the results of the inventory will be the basis to the conversation with the
community about what the style guide should be.

Style Guide Tool ResearchNovember 2017 to summer 2018
Style Guide Strategy2018
Style Guide Creation2018 to ...
Sakai tool implementation test2018Implementing the style guide for a particular Sakai tool to test the guide - pending style guide completion
Roll-out of the style guide throughout Sakai2018 to 2021
Development a maintenance process2021For enforcing the style guide for new features and improvements and contributions

Communications and Presentations

Making the SWITCH: Building a consistent user interface for Sakai
(session recording on YouTube)
November 14, 2017Sakai Virtual Conference 2017

Sakai UI Inventory Project update
(Google Spreadsheet)

October 9, 2017October 2017 UX Group Monthly Meeting
Creating a Sakai Style Guide and Design System
(session recording on YouTube)
August 9, 2017Apereo Lightning Talks

Creating a Standard Visual Language for a Global Community:
An Interface Guide for Sakai
(presentation slides via Unity)

June 5, 2017Open Apereo 2017
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