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The Sakai SiteStats tool allows authorized users to view site usage statistics.
Statistics are organized in two screens:

  • Overview: summary of the most interesting site usage statistics
  • Reports: user-defined/predefined printable and exportable detailed reports about site visits, tool activity and resource activity.

A complete list of features is available here.

SiteStats is highly configurable - take a look at the configuration and performance pages for more information.

Feel free to send suggestions to or by using the SiteStats JIRA section.


Main information


Release information

SVN Repository

Please note that SiteStats had recently moved from contrib to main svn repo!


Change History: list of changes per release can be seen on the Change Log.

JIRA: Browse issues/feature requests


Additional information

  • Live Demoat UFP (SiteStats 2.0.x). Notes:
    • 1: Use user id: demo1, password: demo1
    • 2: Account with limited access and limited set of tools available for SiteStats
    • 3: Does not reflect default skin (custom skin used)
  • How to add support for my tool in Site Stats
  • SiteStats and SAK-10801:
    • SiteStats versions >= 1.1 are aware of SAK-10801 - Getting issue details... STATUS resolution and will use Event.getContext() method if available. Please see SiteStats and SAK-10801 for more information about this.
  • Old releases information pages:



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