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General features

Site Stats 2.x:

  • Overview page with summary information presenting most instructor requested information related to site visits, tool activity and resource activity:
    • Simple statistics (e.g., 'Most active user', 'Enrolled users that did not visit site', 'Most opened file', ...)
    • Expandable area with compact chart and table view with predefined grouping (e.g., 'By date', 'By user', ...) and filtering (e.g., filtering by user role, date, ...) options
  • Reports page with support for:
    • User-defined reports, per site
    • Predefined reports, available on all sites
  • Advanced reporting capabilities:
    • Type of activity to report (visits, tool activity, resource activity)
    • Time period to report
    • Target users to report
    • Results grouping capabilities
    • Report presentation: table and/or chart
    • Printable
    • Exportable (Excel, CSV or PDF)
  • Admin tool capabilities:
    • Browse statistics per site
    • Build predefined reports to be available on all sites
    • Build admin reports to report against all sites
  • Highly configurable:
    • Use Sakai database or an externally specified database (support for MySQL and Oracle)
    • Aggregate events instantly or on a regular time interval (e.g., once a day)
    • Aggregate events for all sites or only for sites with the SiteStats tool placed
    • And many other configurable options!
  • Other:
    • Support for a large number of tools
    • Apache Wicket as rendering engine
    • Automatic event registration for tools implementing Entitybroker Statisticable capability
    • Import reports from other sites (Site Info -> Import from site)
    • Help contents available (English only)
    • Available in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Swedish

Site Stats 1.x:

  • Display summary information about site visits and (tool) activity
  • Display visits and (tool) activity charts
  • Generate reports based on site visits, tool activity and resources actions
  • Use Sakai database or an externally specified database (support for MySQL and Oracle) (requires SiteStats >= 1.2)

OOTB supported events

Known event related issues (consult JIRAs for status):

Note: Issues related with event contextId/siteId are automatically solved if using SiteStats >= 2.0 or SiteStats >= 1.1 with SAK-10801 - Getting issue details... STATUS applied.

  • Email archive: unable to process email attachments (no reference to site id);
  • SAK-10410 - Getting issue details... STATUS - Polls: Fix wrong siteId in '' events
  • SAK-10802 - Getting issue details... STATUS - Gradebook: Logged events don't include context (siteId) (links to SAK-6207 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • SAK-10806 - Getting issue details... STATUS - Assignments: Event not logged for Student/access role
  • SAK-10807 - Getting issue details... STATUS - Podcast: Logged event for 'podcast.add' don't include context (siteId)
  • SAK-8499 - Getting issue details... STATUS   - Presence: Presence events are only logged if presence list is enabled (how to configure)
  • SAK-11214 - Getting issue details... STATUS - RWiki: Allow enable/disable of wiki reads events through (also see SAK-6851 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) (how to configure)
  • SAK-11496 - Getting issue details... STATUS - Syllabus: events only recorded for maintain role
  • SAK-11562 - Getting issue details... STATUS - Section Info: Section Info sakai_event posting of new sections lacking ID; always null
  • SAK-13119 - Getting issue details... STATUS - Forums: Incoherent event references
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