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2007/08/06 - Version pre_1-0
  • Features: General
    • Tool events: Events associated with Tools
    • Tool events: New configuration file (xml format) for adding/removing tool event support
    • Tool events: Added support for new tool events
    • Performance: Selective event aggregation (collect only for sites with SiteStats placed: default)
    • TO DO Performance: Alternative approach for event aggregation using a Quartz job (contributed by Andrew Poland)
    • Deployment: Added Maven 2 support
  • Features: UI Level
    • Overview page:
      • Separate charts for visits and activity
      • Pie chart with activity per tool (percentage)
      • Data presented faster to user (blocks of data loaded one by one with Ajax)
      • Chart width adjusted to available space
      • Ability to maximize charts to full page width
      • Charts are images and can be saved to disk
    • Reports page:
      • Redesigned UI for more fine grained searches:
        • select what:
          • visits
          • events (restrict by tool or event)
          • resources (all or specific resources; all or specific resource action)
        • select when:
          • predefined date intervals (all, last 7 days, last 30 days)
          • custom date intervals
        • select who:
          • all users
          • users selection by role or group
          • custom user selection
          • users not matching conditions (what and when conditions)
      • Export results to CSV, Excel, PDF or Printer
    • Preferences page:
      • Tool list filtered by available tools in sakai installation
      • Tool list filtered by available tools in site only (site preference: default)
      • Chart display options
    • Administrator view:
      • TO DO => For version 1.1
2007/02/26 - Version_trunk
  • added property dbUpdateInterval@StatsUpdateManager to control db updates interval
2006/01/29 - Version 0.5.9
  • STAT-25: New msgcntr Events need to be added to SiteStats
2006/01/17 - Version 0.5.8
  • STAT-24: Overview page may generate bug report if site has no members
2006/12/28 - Version 0.5.7
  • added support for new 'Poll' events
  • STAT-18: Deleted resources may slow down Site Stats
  • STAT-19: Site Stats gives a stack trace error when you click on "resources"
  • STAT-20: Conflicting 'content.*' (Resources/MessageCenter) events may not get correctly processed
  • STAT-21: Do not render links for deleted resources on Resources page
  • STAT-22: Search doesn't work for external users
2006/10/31 - Version 0.5.6
  • fixed STAT-17: Locale bundle not read
  • from STAT-16: Add new events:
  • added support for 'View assignment' event
  • added support for MessageCenter events
  • added support for new 'Sections' events
2006/10/30 - Version 0.5.5a
  • Use event id as event name if resource bundle does not exist
2006/10/26 - Version 0.5.5
  • Removed "?" users because of its ambiguous meaning: anonymous/denied access
  • fixed STAT-13: Unique visits incorrectly shown
  • added "Unique visits/total users" to Overview page
  • fixed STAT-12: SiteStats does not work with custom roles:
  • for sakai_2-2-x, add role to tool.xml and apply SAK-4120 custom patch
  • for sakai_2-3-x up:
  • requires "sitestats.view" permission for standard tool (existing realms MUST be updated)
  • requires "sitestats.admin.view" permission for admin version of the tool
  • added support for, wiki.delete (sakai 2.3+ only)
  • updated to match SAK-4120/REQ-47/SAK-1454 resolution
2006/09/06 - Version 0.5.4
  • Fixed (rare) case where no data was displayed in Events and Resources page unless searching by keyword
  • (2.2.x only) replaced 'disc.delete.any' and 'disc.delete.own' events by 'disc.delete.category' event
  • if auto.ddl, do not update indexes for hsqldb
  • added addEventIds@StatsManager sakai property to add events to existing event list
  • added removeEventIds@StatsManager sakai property to remove events from existing event list
2006/08/01 - Version 0.5.3
  • STAT-8: Hibernate date functions not correctly translated in Oracle
  • STAT-7: Problem with OverviewBean.visits in existing courses
  • STAT-4: Unsuccessful schema statement- creating tables in Oracle
2006/08/01 - Version 0.5.2
  • STAT-6: Make appearance of dates in SiteStats more consitent? --> use ISO while dates are not yet localized
  • STAT-5: Correct alignment of text in 'Most Recent Date' column in Site Stats
  • STAT-4: Unsuccessful schema statement- creating tables in Oracle
  • changed tool registration file description for consistency with other tool descriptioons
2006/06/28 - Version 0.5.1
  • fix case where resource no longer exists (failed while creating link to it)
2006/06/20 - Version 0.5
  • adapted tool to collect data from the Event API in realtime
  • added support for more events
  • event names are now in a resource bundle
  • event types can be specified in like: eventIds@StatsManager=pres.begin,
  • resources in Resource page have icons and links to the referred resource
2006/06/01 - Version 0.4
  • added totals and average for unique visitors and activity in Overview page
  • added month and year view to chart (last 30 days/12 months)
  • chart week view now show last 7 days
  • events that compose 'activity' can be configured in Preferences page
  • faster: statistical data is now aggregated in separate tables
  • data can be updated using a quartz job, on tool access (slow - as before), or by
    clicking on an "Update" button (that can be hidden or disabled if site was updated in
    the last n hours)
  • added sakai.sitestats.admin tool (start in site list view)
  • fixed get(msgs) WARN Spring message sent to logs (in Events and Resources pages)
2006/05/16 - Version 0.2.3
  • switch to hibernate3
  • use of AdditionalHibernateMappingsImpl approach
  • performance improvement (thanks to Stephen Marquard)
2006/05/08 - Version 0.2.2
  • user id and name splitted in two columns - UI and exported files (XLS and CSV)
  • updated custom patches to SAK-4120 to filter pages accessed from webservices
  • check permissions when accessing with tool direct URL
  • fixed CSS inclusion leading to invalid html
2006/04/09 - Version 0.2.1
  • fixed spelling correction: Assignments submitted
  • added missing license headers to java files
2006/04/03 - Version 0.2
  • fixed date bugs
  • added bar chart for current week
  • added support for HSQLDB (tested) and Oracle (not tested)
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