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UCM Madrid Workshop Conclusions

Conclusion 1: Which is s2u role in sakai community?

- Improve documentation.
  • Recording Polimedias (short tutorials).
    Using the UPV's video portal for creating short tutorials.
  • Comment real cases.
    Pages with detailed real use cases.
  • Document use cases showing i18n problems & consequences.
    To keep the community aware of the importance of i18n.
- Improve processes.
  • Review JIRA Help to fix JIRAs.
  • Getting involved in MT/Branch Management / QA / Release Management.
    Enforcing our position in the community collaborating with work.

Conclusion 2: New features to be added

- Update TCC 2.9 release page at Confluence (

Helping the community to know about them.

- Follow the outlined process.

There is an official process for new features.

- Help with testing!

New features must be exhaustively tested as part of QA process.

Conclusion 3: (mainly i18n) Bugs management

- Language bundles
  • Keep separated (=different JIRAs & Commits)
    As they are not common issues.
  • Maintenance updates (remove extra keys)
    Cleaning the properties files of obsolete keys.
  • Translation updates.
    In order to improve the quality of the (spanish) translation.
}     if assignees = MT -> commit without asking permission (members of MT only)
-i18n Group resurrection.
  • Send a list with pending bugs.
    List of i18n bugs still unresolved.
  • Update i18n report page.
    The page at Confluence must be updated as bugs are solved.
- Non language bundles bugs.
  • if assignee = MT -> Commit without permission (members of MT only)
  • else -> schedule a test plan with project/tool team.
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