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Sept. 2008

The following videos can give you a flavor of how Sousa works. It is narrated by Mark Norton, creator of Sousa.

The walk-throughs are provided in two forms: Windows AVI, and Streaming Flash. The flash files load fast, but the quality isn't as good (lousy, in fact). The AVI files should be viewable in all browsers (provided you have the plug-in for it), but they are 2-3 times the size and will need to download completely before viewing.



(too large)

SWF (5.7MB)


Creating Media Elements

AVI (41MB)

SWF (7.8MB)


Creating Sousa Pages

AVI (36MB)

SWF (8.9MB)


Creating Sousa Sequences

AVI (45MB)

SWF (9.6MB)

These video screen captures were produced by CamStudio.

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