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Sousa is a media toolkit for Sakai that enables instructors to create structured page objects and assemble them into sequences. For maximum flexibility, Sousa will be a set of tools, some integrated into the Resources tool, others intended to be stand alone. The sections below describe the various Sousa tools, what they do, and how to use them.

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Sousa Walk Throughs

Installing Sousa Tools

  1. Download it from SVN at into your Sakai environment.
  2. Build it using Maven 1.02 (this version is targeted at Sakai 2.4.x).
  3. Add sakai.sousa.seq and to a course or project site page using Worksite Setup or the Sites tool.

You must include the Resources tool in the site where you will use Sousa.

Sousa Page Tool

The Sousa Page tool allows media objects to be uploaded or created and made available for inclusion on a page or in a sequence. Sousa pages can be created using a 2x2 cell grid layout.

Use the Page Tool

Sousa Sequencing Tool

The Sousa Sequencing Tool allows media objects present in a site content hosting service to be collected together and shown as a linear sequence.

Using the Sequencing Tool

The first time you launch the Sousa Sequencing tool, it will create a special collection in the resources associated with this site. A list of known Sousa sequences is shown after the sequencing tool is launched, or none if it's the first time.

Click the "Create Sequence" link to make a new sequence.

Enter the name of your new sequence and an optional description.

An empty sequence will appear. Use the "Append Item" link to add media items. Select a media item (text, structured text, or pictures) from your site's resources. Once there are a few media items present, you can insert new ones where needed and move them around using the arrow buttons. When complete, click the "Update" link at the bottom of the application.

You will return to the main view listing known sequences. Once sequences are present, you can edit them again using the "Edit" link, add new ones using the "Create Sequence" link, or run the sequence by clicking its name.

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