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The following sections give a walk-through of the Sousa page and sequence editing process.

Sousa Page Tool

When you enter the Sousa page tool, you are presented with a set of folders containing media and page objects. You can drill down into folders by clicking on the folder icons:

To view a media object or page, click on it's title. A fully rendered view is shown:

To add a new media object, select the "New Item" link from the collection view"

Enter the title of the object, and a short description. The Item type defines the type of item you want to upload or create. Select one of the following types: Web Page, Audio, Image, Table Data, Video, Plain Text, or Header:

The next page will provide a entry to specify which file to upload. In the case of textual objects, a field is provided to enter the new text. Parameters are included below the edit field, where appropriate. In this case, height and width of the image can be specified.

Pressing submit, a preview of the media object is displayed. You can go back and change the parameters from here, if you like:

Click the update link, and the object is created and added to the collection of Sousa media objects:

To create a new page object, click on the "New Page" link in the collection view:

An empty edit page is shown. The icons across the top show various page layouts that can be selected. Each section of the layout is called a "tile" and can be edited by selecting the "Edit Tile" link.

Selecting "Edit Tile" brings you to a list of items to be included in that tile. Initially, no objects are present:

By selecting "Append New Item", a selection view is presented. Click on the item you want to include:

A list entry is created for that tile. Thumbnails are included for some kinds of media.

Pressing update, returns you to the edit page. You can see that the page is partially created at this point:

Editing the other two tiles, we add other media objects to complete the page:

The final page object can then be viewed:

Sousa Sequence Tool

The sequence tool is used to create an ordered set of pages or media objects, like a slide show or powerpoint presentation. The collection screen show existing sequences and allows new ones to be created:

Selecting "New" brings you to a form to enter the sequence title and description:

The sequence editing page is initially empty:

To add an object, select the "Append New Item" link. Now select an object from the collection view:

In this example, the "Aikido Welcome Page" is selected as the first entry in the sequence. Note that there is no preview:

Additional objects are added to the sequence. Order of these can be edited using the green buttons, also:

Selecting the "Update" link saves the new sequence, which is now visible in the collection view.

To view the sequence, click on it's title. Here is the first slide:

Second slide:

Third slide:

Last slide:

(That's gotta hurt!) Click on "Exit" to return to the collection view.

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