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Phsybergate is currently working on an authoring tool within SOLO. The Sakai FCK editor is used with GWT to allow authors to edit Melete content direcly inside the viewer. This release will only allow online authoring. 

North West University (in South Africa) will be running SOLO in a pilot project using a small group of distance learning students until the end of 2008.  SOLO will enable these students to work offline and only go online to synchronize Announcements, Resources and Melete lessons.  During this time we will resolve any issues that may arise.

The current release can be seen as pre-release code and the current version is recommended for testing and evaluation purposes.  After the successful completion of the pilot project the first official release will be available from early next year.  The beta version has been tested with Sakai 2.5.x and is available in SVN at  Also see the installation_manual.doc

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