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Project Lead(s): Stephen Marquard, University of Cape Town

Project Description:

Tool and service to support incoming and outgoing SMS (text messaging) in Sakai.

How to deploy and use the SMS service


Project status:

The SMS service is currently in production at UCT.

Project work:


Code review (PMD and FindBugs):

Specifications, project plans, updates:

  File Modified
Microsoft Word 97 Document smsTool_ mockups.doc May 21, 2009 by Stephen Marquard
Microsoft Word 97 Document release_note_1_20081209.doc Dec 08, 2008 by Stephen Marquard
PDF File 20081017SakaiSMSSpecification_V2.pdf Nov 20, 2008 by Stephen Marquard
PDF File SMS_Project_Phase_I_Adjusted_20091114_final.pdf Nov 20, 2008 by Stephen Marquard
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