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Gradebook: Michelle Wagner & Jonathan Cook / Gradebook2: Kirk Alexander


Allows instructors to list assignments and scores, and calculate, store, and distribute grade information to students.

Plans & Status

16-Feb-2009: Worked on incorporating non-calculating items and gradebook types (SAK-14551), allowing entry of institution specific grades in course grade override field (SAK-13934).  This work was for Sakai (2.7).

22-Mar-2012: Support for drop highest, drop lowest, keep highest was added to Sakai 2.9.0.  Support for true Extra Credit will be available in Sakai 2.10.


The majority of the information in this space focuses on the current Gradebook tool and service offered in Sakai 2.x. A next generation, re-write of the tool, but sharing the underlying Gradebook services, is described in the Gradebook2 area.

Use Cases & Requirements


Source Code


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Suggestions for Future Features

Prior Releases


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