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Contrib: SENRG

Project Description

The Sakai Electronic Lab Notebook for Research and Groupwork (SENRG) is intended to act as a replacement for traditional notebooks which are used commonly in pedagogical environments ranging from large lectures to science labs.


The SENRG tool is currently a working prototype which runs in Sakai 2.5.


The tool is built in RSF, with ORM provided by Hibernate.

The source for the tool can be found here:

(Maven 2):

(Maven 1.5):


  1. Make sure that your Sakai environment is set up (
  2. Check out a copy of the Senrg code from (assuming that you are using Maven 2) with Subversion.
  3. Make sure that the Senrg directory that you have checked out is put inside of your Sakai directory.
  4. Using the command prompt, go into the Senrg directory, and then type "mvn clean install sakai:deploy" to build and deploy just the Senrg tool.
  5. Start up tomcat.
  6. Log into Sakai from a web browser.
  7. Go to a site that you have administrative rights over, and edit the tools for the site (Site Info -> Edit Tools). Check "Senrg Notebook". Click the "Continue" button. Click the "Finish" button.
  8. The Senrg Notebook tool is now available to the site (and can be found on the menu to the left).




Spring 2007

Requirements analysis and planning

Summer 2007

Interface prototyping

September 2007

Faculty Stakeholder Meetings

October 2007

Prototype Development Begins

November 2007

Student Usabilities testing
Followup testing with faculty stakeholders

Spring 2007

Development of Additional Features

April 2007

Student field Testing

June 2008

Updated to work in Maven 2

July 2008

Increased unit testing coverage

August 2008

UI Improvements - Collapsible notebook browser, keyboard-accessible popups

Project Team




Will Humphries

LT, Va. Tech

Project Lead/Developer

Unknown User (jnajdi)

LT, Va. Tech


Jonathan Kensler

LT, Va. Tech


Sheel Raj Agarwal

LT, Va. Tech

Developer (inactive)


LT, Va. Tech

Designer (inactive)

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