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Missing Functionality

  • IMS Shareable State Persistence (for communication between content packages, long-term storage of data)
  • Global Objectives
  • Turn back on Scorm 1.2
  • Grading/Results Viewing – JLR working on this now.
  • Improve upload process to allow users not to validate (done, not yet checked in) JLR 1/2/2008
  • Allow packages to be deployed without being 'launchable' - browse - Melete.


  • Eager versus lazy loading (in hibernate) or alternative persistence/serialization for ADL objects – RSmart working on this
  • Within Sakai, unpacking zip files
    • within the Sakai repository, or
    • as Wicket shared resources in memory (this is probably cleaner but more difficult to implement)


  • Portlet implementations / refactoring out Sakai logic into daos and services with alternate implementations – Sacha/CRIM working on this


  • Exception handling when user uses the BACK button in the browser after completing the content package
  • Throttle button double-clicks and double-api requests at the browser (using javascript wrapper method to avoid messing with synchronized calls)


  • Adding ARIA role tags throughout (will require some Wicket knowledge)


  • 2.4.x back port


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