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Lead(s): Beth Kirschner

Description: The Sakai Calendar tool (also known as "Schedule") allows users to post items in calendar format:

  • Fine grained permissions: new, delete.own, delete.any, revise.own, revise.any, import, read, all.groups
  • Allows users to create single occurrence events and recurring events.
  • The Calendar tool in a user's "My Workspace" site allows users a consolidated view of events in all worksites they belong.
  • The Calendar tool is fully internationalized.
  • Multiple views include: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and a special list view (with customized date ranges).
  • Calendars can be imported from Microsoft Outlook (CSV), Meeting Maker (tab-delimited), and a generic CSV format.
  • A printable PDF version of the calendar is available in all views
  • The Calender API is currently used by the Assignment tool (allowing assignments to be posted on the calendar), and available to all tools (see org.sakaiproject.calendar.api package).

The Sakai 2.5 release will support optional iCal subscription import and export (set "ical.experimental = true" in Note that reoccurring events are not yet supported (thus its experimental status).