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To explore the relationship between Sakai and other Higher Education Open source projects, both in terms of tactical cooperation and potential strategic alliances.

Working Group Goals

  • Identify the most important organizations to explore relationships with
  • How should the organizations work together?
    • Staff
    • Boards
    • Communities
  • Determine what models of relationships should the Sakai Foundation pursue under what conditions (e.g. sharing infrastructure, sharing code)

Affiliated group list

Group name

Group Contact



Jonathan Markow

Already a strong informal relationship


Michele Kimpton

Should integrate as content repository

Fedora Commons

Sandy Payette

Should integrate as content repository

Kuali Foundation

Jennifery Fouty

Already a strong informal relationship


Derek Keats

University of the Western Cape, open-source LMS


Gary Schwartz @ RPI

Working with them on CalDAV stuff


James Dalziel

Loose technical integration exists


Jason Cole, Martin Dougiamas


Jess Mitchell



at George Mason



at George Mason





Mark O'Neil

at Dartmouth

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  1. I'd add Bedework to that, I think Gary Schwartz @ RPI is the right contact right now. I think there's some CalDAV work being done with them.

    Is it worth breaking down some of the multi-project entities like JA-SIG, Kuali into sub-listings?

  2. LAMS and Moodle should probably be on the list.

  3. Please feel free to edit the table yourselves....Saves doing double work.

    1. I'm happy to add suggestions thrown out here but don't seem to have Edit permissions on the page and am assuming that's why others have not added directly either. Can you adjust them, Michael?

    2. Hi Michael,

      There may be a permissions issue with this space as I don't see an edit tab although I'm logged in and see edit tabs in other spaces.

      Perhaps it's redundant since Mara & Jutta are part of this working group, but I'm guessing the Fluid Project (with Jess Mitchell as contact) should be added?


    3. My bad. Because this page was created in the "Board Communications" space it is read only for most people. Just list what you'd like and I'll do the editing. Sigh...

      1. That does remind me to ask – what's the difference between a "Board Working Group" and just a "Working Group?"

        1. They are being led by board members in their role as board members (as opposed to community members) and have to do specifically with the Sakai Foundation

  4. I would have edited the table directly but the page permissions don't seem to be set to allow that. I recommend adding OSCELOT to your list. Mark O'Neil from Dartmouth is the primary point of contact. for more information.

  5. I don't see an edit tab either.

    I would add the following:


    1. The contact for VUE is David Kahle at Tufts University. Incidentally, VUE is entering its third phase of development soon.

  6. Added KEWL, UWC open-source LMS initiative.

  7. what about adding George Mason's Center for History and New Media tools:

    Zotero zoh-TAIR-oh is a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. It lives right where you do your work — in the web browser itself.

    Omeka provides cultural institutions and individuals with easy-to-use software for publishing collections and creating attractive, standards-based, interoperable online exhibits.

  8. Typo in mission: Hiegher.

  9. Unknown User (urauch)

    Support for Vue
    Possibly Pachyderm
    Possibly Croquet/Cobalt

  10. Has anyone in the Sakai community done any work integrating Drupal (particularly for content authoring)?

  11. You can add Trevor Owens ( as a group contact for Zotero, and Tom Scheinfeldt ( as a contact for Omeka.  Regarding other projects at the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, you may be interested in adding myself as a contact ( for ScholarPress as well (