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Sakai Foundation Board of Directors Meeting

February 15, 2011

Present:  Josh Baron, Nate Angell, Stephen Marquard, Maggie Lynch, Michael Feldstein, Ian Boston, Ian Dolphin (ex-officio), Mary Miles (staff)

Absent:   Chuck Severance, John Norman

Guests:  Tamy Arthur (for financial portion of meeting), Alan Marks (for Sakai OAE portion of meeting)


  • There were no additions to the agenda.
  • January minutes were reviewed and minor modifications suggested.  The minutes will be revised to reflect the modifications and circulated to the Board for approval via email.
  • A request to become a Sakai Commercial Affiliate was received from Samoo.  Josh Baron moved for approval and Nate Angell seconded.  The application was approved.
  • Jasig-Sakai JWG Mission and Charter:  The final draft of the Mission and Charter was provided by Josh in advance of the meeting.  Board approval was sought and received.
  • 2011 Budget Proposal: This proposal was reviewed at the January meeting, at which time a cover page was requested and has now been provided.  Minor modifications have been made since the January meeting to reflect actual numbers rather than estimates.  This was accomplished by the receipt of actual invoices, removing the necessity for estimates.  Costs for the budget proposal are based on the University of Michigan MOU and previous history.  Operations currently show a positive liquidity and there are no concerns which need to be addressed.  Collections have improved over the past several months.  The Board asked that a proposal be brought to the next meeting describing how to repay the loan given to the OAE project.  Ian and Tamy will prepare that report.  Current assumptions indicate that it takes more than 90 days to collect receivables.  2010 was a transition year where collections were not always a priority.  To date, 2011 collections have actually been faster than expected.  Josh Baron moved that the 2011 Budget be approved as presented, and Maggie Lynch seconded.  The Budget as presented was approved.  Going forward, quarterly meetings will be devoted to a more in-depth financial discussions.


Sakai OAE Project

  • Alan Marks joined the call to provide an overview of the Sakai OAE project.  Highlights of this overview were:
    • Server Status: current server architecture was found to not be sufficient and a tremendous amount of work was undertaken.  The team is focused currently on a production ready release of the product.
    • Financial picture: The steering committee has been managing finances.  Currently seven (7) institutions are contributing resources for dollars or in kind.
    • There are four (4) primary challenges:  1) vision; 2) financial sustainability in the short term; 3) team issues – working across all the various time zones and cultural issues as well; 4) communications – both internal and external.
    • Nate Angell noted that the time remaining in the project is very short making the addition of resources for that timeframe difficult.  He asked how other institutions could join the project past that point.  Ian Dolphin responded that improved communications would help engage the rest of the Sakai community and indeed the rest of the higher education community.  Ian proposed a joint call with both the steering committee and the board in advance of the June conference to do some collective thinking about that issue.
    • Michael Feldstein noted that the initial roadmap for the project targeted a product that would be functionally analogous to what you find in an LMS.  He asked how far off that goal the project would be in June.  Alan responded that the project would allow people to teach, to create courses, and to collaborate with various groups.  Ian suggested that current thinking should be shifted to consider ways Sakai OAE will be deployed and find its way into institutions.  The hybrid mode is the best possibility.
    • Josh thanked Alan for his presentation and reminded him that if the Board can be of assistance, he should feel free to ask.

With no further business before the board, the call ended at 1:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Miles

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