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  • Board Minutes 2011 Aug 16
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Sakai Foundation Board of Directors Meeting

August 16, 2011

Present:  Josh Baron, Stephen Marquard, Chuck Severance, Nate Angell, Maggie Lynch, Ian Dolphin (ex-officio), Mary Miles (staff)

Absent:   Michael Feldstein, Ian Boston

Guests:  Tamy Arthur and Jim Farmer (for financial portion of meeting


  • July Minutes:  July minutes were reviewed and modifications suggested
  • Financial Check-in
    • The required i990 was submitted on August 15.  Copies will be sent to the Board and will also be posted on the website.
    • Current financial statements will be submitted within the week with additional review at the next meeting.
  • EDUCAUSE Meeting:  A Board meeting will be planned at Educause, possibly a joint meeting with the Jasig Board.  This will be discussed with the Joint Working Group (JWG).


  • Draft Bylaw Review:  Extensive discussion was held on the draft bylaws which were distributed approximately two weeks prior to this Board meeting.  While there are still several issues to be resolved by the Joint Working Group (JWG), progress continues.  Board members were encouraged to continue their review outside of this call and forward any additional clarifications, additions, or deletions to Josh and/or Ian via email prior to Friday’s scheduled JWG call.
  • Email from Brad Wheeler regarding merger:  Brad’s email was discussed and a response will be formulated by the Joint Working Group.  Board members were encouraged to email their comments to Josh/Ian.

With no further business before the board, the call ended at 1:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Miles

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