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  • Board Minutes 2010 Nov 16
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Sakai Foundation

Board minutes of Nov 16, 2010

Present:  Josh Baron, Maggie Lynch, Michael Feldstein, Stephen Marquard, John Norman, Ian Boston, Chuck Severance, Ian Dolphin (ad hoc), Mary Miles (staff)

Absent:  Jutta Treviranus

General Board Business: 

  • October minutes were reviewed and revisions suggested.  Changes will be incorporated and circulated via email to Board members for approval.  Once approved, they will be posted on Confluence.
  • JA-SIG discussions update:  Progress continues but there is nothing to report at this time. Further actions will continue after the respective Board elections have been completed.
  •  Apollo Conversations:  Conversation continues with the Apollo CIO and the Sakai 3 steering committee. 
  • Board elections:  Josh Baron was re-elected for a second term and Nate Angell was elected to his first term.  Ian Dolphin will send an announcement to the community.  Orientation for Nate Angell will be handled by Josh Baron, Maggie Lynch and others who are interested in participating.
  • Board Treasurer:  Jim Farmer was put forward as a candidate for this position.  Ian Dolphin reported that there would be no costs associated outside of travel where necessary.  This is a non-voting member slot to provide financial oversight.  This is a fixed-term appointment of one year with an option to renew. 
    Action:  The motion to appoint Jim Farmer as treasurer for a one-year period was made by Josh Baron and seconded by Maggie Lynch.  It is hoped that his term will begin on December 1.  Jim will join the Board call in January.

Strategic Initiatives:

  • Financial Report:  Josh Baron suggested providing a public statement regarding the current financial situation.  Ian Dolphin will include this in a State of the Foundation report.
  • Cash reserves: the various types of cash reserves were reviewed. A preferred action would be to increase revenue while holding current expenditures steady. 
  • Narrative with Financial Report:  Maggie Lynch requested that a “running forward amount” be provided to see the impact of the contingency plan over the next year.  John Norman also requested a forward-looking budget with a burn rate for each line item.  A separate reporting area for Sakai 3 was requested.

Discussion Topics:

  • Product Council:  The Product Council lacked a strong connection to institutional resource holders.  There will be a focus on connecting product direction to this constituency, and a greater focus on more effective resource aggregation in future work. The document submitted to the Board will be circulated to members of the Product Council for review and comment.

With no further business before the board, the call ended at 1:00 p.m.  The next Board call will be held on December 21.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Miles

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