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Notes of Board Meeting - March 11, 2010
Executive Session
Notes by Maggie Lynch

Present: Lois Brooks, Michael Feldstein, Michael Korcuska,  Josh Baron, Chuck Severance, Maggie Lynch, Stephen Marquard, Ian Boston, John Norman

Absent: Jutta Treviranus


1.       Josh thanked Michael Korcuska for his service. Michael only attended the call for the first 10 minutes in order to allow the Board to express their thanks and left the call at 8:12am.

2.      Request to establish a regular monthly schedule for Board Meetings. April 8th is next meeting, return to 1:00pm EDT.

3.      Board meeting at the June conference.  Targeted for Monday, June 14. Exact schedule to be determined.

4.       Make a note that Executive Sessions have been held and post minutes in Confluence.

5.      Reminder. Submit your conflict of interest statement ASAP.

6.       Update on Sakai 3 Development Process - Lois. Talk among contributors that there is a keen interest in putting a structure in progress and moving forward. Want to structure a two part approach: 1) A heads down effort to see that Cambridge and NYU can meet their summer commitments; 2) A formal ramp up of Sakai 3 release to broader community. Have about 6 universities definitely committing resources, and another 8-10 with interest but not a solid commitment yet.  Would like to ramp up for plans with a Summer 2011 release.


1.       ED Hiring Strategy. Josh outlined progress to date.  Lois feels that the Job Description is ready. She would like to go ahead and get the job posted and the process started, so that we can move into April reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews. The other document is to give to the people we are going to interview an overview document to prepare for the interview. This document is looking good. We can finish that up while the search is under way. It doesn't need to be finalized until we are ready to interview.Are we ready to move forward and authorize Lois to proceed? 

Board discussion: Talk with other boards involved in the parallel strategic alliance process so they know we are proceeding. Lois will do this.

The board approved the decision to begin the ED job search.

2.       Community Source Summit - Josh would like to have a model for moving forward on the strategic issues around mergers or shared resources. See Board Discussion topic as outlined below:

In summary, I've started to see value in bringing together the leadership (and other community members with interest) of higher education community-source projects (this would be a very inclusive event that included open education/content projects, etc.) as means to form partnerships between projects as well as possible mergers.  Such an event would be the "end point" for what I would imagine would be several months of pre-summit work by Boards (and sub-committees) and EDs to flesh out possible models and relationships.  Doing this work and meeting as a whole group would also help us consider all of the possible models rather than focusing on a few that have surfaced organically.  

If we began this work now, we could work to organize a summit around EDUCAUSE as means to reduce travel costs and scheduling conflicts.  We could seek sponsorship from commercial affiliates or possible grant funding to help support such an event.  I think this could create a focal point for all of our communities and lead to some powerful decisions and outcomes.  As a side note, I'm aware that Mellon has organized events similar to this in the past with mixed results (just what I've heard) but I would see this as something rather different as it would be something that the projects/communities organized and set the agenda for rather than an external group.  If there is interest in this model, I would like to reach out to other project Boards, etc. to get their reaction.

Summary of board discussion:

We will form a subcommittee to begin this work.

Targeted date for the summit is to coincide with EDUCAUSE. Purpose of this retreat needs to be clarified. Suggestion made that it be structured like a leadership summit, though it would be open to anyone who wanted to attend. It is a way to create a focal point for our communities around work with strategies, partnerships, and mergers. Bring in some users with leadership because they can sometimes see outside the box and suggest synergies that are not readily evident to leaders who are immersed in their specific project.

Potential involvement may include EDUCAUSE/ELI, commercial affiliates, peers in the open source community.

Use the language of "Open and Community Source" to have broadest reach.

Make this an international gathering - look outside the U.S.

Adjourned at 9:15am Pacific Time.  

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