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  • Board Minutes 2010 Feb 25
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Minutes Feb 25, 2010
Submitted by Maggie Lynch in Executive Session

Present: Lois Brooks, Michael Korcuska, Michael Feldstein, Stephen Marquard, Josh Norman, Ian Boston, Maggie Lynch, Chuck Severance, Jutta Treviranus 

Announcements: A few people still need to send their Conflict of Interest paperwork in. Mary will be sending out reminders. Deadline for conference proposals is this Sunday, February 29th. Please get them in.

Discussion of Parallel Path Strategy. The Sakai Foundation is beginning discussions of a merger and/or shared service strategy with other open source communities. A merger would combine two or more organizations into one, while a shared service strategy would share services between organizations, e.g., financial, administrative, conference, marketing, but keep separate governance, technical and community structures. A variation on the shared service model would be to create an umbrella organization, like Kuali, that creates a framework for many independent projects. The discussion centered on whether to proceed with the hire of a new Executive Director (ED) in parallel with these discussions, or to wait to hire until the discussions are complete.  Summary of board discussion: The Foundation is in a transitional state. We are investigating new models for Sakai that may change the role of the ED while the search is underway, or early in the person's tenure.  If we begin the ED search, we may need to back down if the outcome requires a differently defined position, e.g., to lead an umbrella organization rather than a single organization.  Proceeding with a hire may short circuit the strategic discussion, or it may benefit the discussion.  There are costs and benefits to both approaches. Cost: changing mind midstream in the search. Benefits: having the current ED participate in these discussions to help craft a job description.  We need to hire someone who can lead the community through a transition process, which may last for a year or two. Hence, must write a job description that stresses that new strategies are being discussed, and hire someone who can participate positively in moving Sakai to a different state.  The goal then is  to find someone who is more talented or capable at handling transition and change than maintaining a steady state. The board decided to proceed with hiring an executive director. The board discussed whether to hire a part time or full time executive director, and determined that a full time position is needed. 

Hiring process: Lois will lead the job search and verifies that she does not plan to apply for the position.  This will be a full, open job search. The process:

-         Lois will draft a job description and circulate it to the board for comment.

-         The position will be widely posted, with candidates encouraged from within the Sakai community, from higher education, from other open source communities, and from the commercial sector that intersects with education and open source.

-         The hiring committee will be the Foundation board and staff. There will be an opportunity for people to recuse themselves for conflict of interest or other reasons prior to participating in the search committee. We may consider bringing in another member or two from the community.

-         The search committee will operate under the strictest confidentiality.

-         Because of the geographical dispersion of the interviewers, much of the interviewing will be done by tele- or video-conference. May decide to do face to face interview for finalists.

New business: John - A question from Charles Sturt University relating to Michael's initiative to look at a new structure for Sakai 3, looking for formal resource commitments.  Will Lois be encouraged to have this as one of her priorities or will it be lost? Recommendation for the effort to continue.  A proposal is under development, with clear staffing parameters, time frame and goals. A project manager is needed. Lois will undertake the facilitation of the new Sakai 3 project to determine which institutions are willing to commit resources, and to facility those institutions into a self-monitoring model for ongoing work. 

The board moved into executive session for budget analysis

Next Meeting Tentatively scheduled for March 11th 1pm EDT.

Agenda Items:  ED Description, Contingency Planning.

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