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Sakai Foundation Board of Directors Conference Call

May 21, 2009

This document contains minutes from the Sakai Foundation Board of Directors conference call held on May 21, 2009.  Corrections, suggestions should be sent to John Norman and Mary Miles.

These minutes capture both the discussion and formal resolutions of the board.  Simply because something was discussed does not mean that it is the agreed-upon position of the Board.  When the Board makes a formal resolution to approve an item, it will be noted as such in the minutes.  If there is no such notation, readers should assume that the minutes are simply the notes of the Board discussions.

Board members present:  John Norman, Josh Baron, Lois Brooks, Clay Fenlason, Jutta Treviranus, Lois Brooks, Michael Korcuska (ex-officio), Mary Miles (staff)

Board members absent:  Lance Speelmon, Joseph Hardin, Stephen Marquard

Topic:  Executive Director Update

Financial Update: Report generated by QuickBooks are not ready to be distributed at this point, however some preliminary report should be available by the end of June and will be sent via email.  A portion of the July Board Meeting will be spent discussing finances and a budget for going forward.

Conference Update: A preliminary schedule will be ready soon.  There were 190 registrations with 6-weeks until conference and 2-weeks to the discount deadline.  Board members were encouraged to register soon.  The room block should be easily met.  A current rough estimate of conference costs indicate that it will cost the Foundation about $50K net.  The final day of the conference will focus on 3akai, as will much of the project coordination meetings.  A 3akai presentation will be scheduled early in the conference, with more details sessions later.  Roy Fielding was suggested as a potential keynote speaker for Denver.


Project Manager:  Michael has screened the top candidates and John will interview the top four.  Others in the community may also be asked to participate in the interview process.  If you are interested in additional details, send an email directly to Michael.  A conclusion is anticipated soon.

Communications Lead: This is lagging a little behind.  Over 100 resumes were received for that position and as a result this is taking a little longer than originally thought. Michael has been working with Lois Brook, Kim Thanos, Jim Layne and Mike Zachrison on this process.  Interviews will be scheduled as quickly as possible. A brief description of the position resulted in a decision to take this discussion off-line to develop a vision statement for this position.

3akai Design: At the end of Nathan's contract, some visual design work was left undone. A UK-based design firm has been hired to do design work with costs being shared by the Sakai Foundation, Cambridge, and Georgia Tech.  It was noted that the work is being done for the foundation and not for a specific school.

Product Council: The slate of candidates and nomination materials are available for review.  The only organization factor considered was no more than one person from a single organization.  Lois will begin wrapping up this process, making offers to people selected to fill the seats and sending emails to others who will not be seated.  This will be followed by an announcement to the community. 

The Product Council sub-committee spent a lot of time discussing overlap between the board and the product council members and agreed that this is not a problem.  This may, however, need further discussion prior to next year's Board elections.  There should not be overlap between board officers and product council membership.  If a board officer is selected for the product council, that officer will step down from office, but not from the board. 

Topic:  Next Meetings

The next meetings scheduled are:

            June 18, 2009

            July 7, 2009 (face-to-face)

            July 16, 2009 meeting cancelled.

With no further business before the board, the meeting ended at 2:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Miles

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