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  • Board Minutes 2005 June 16
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This document contains minutes from the conference call of the Sakai Board held on June 16, 2005. Corrections, suggestions should be sent to Joseph Hardin and Mary Miles.
Present in call: Lois, Vivie, Babi, Joseph, Carl, Brad, Jim, Mary, Mara

The board discussed the availability of an attendance list for the recent conference - one that could be accessible by anyone. After a brief discussion, it was felt that some people have strong views about whether or not their names could be listed and the idea was tabled for further consideration. It was noted that for the next conference, there should be a check-box indicating a participant's willingness to have their name published.

Concerning the SCA affiliates payments, a discussion was held with the people from DRDA (Division of Research Development & Administration at the University of Michigan, who currently handle contracts for the Sakai Project). They are arguing that as soon as you cash a check from an SCA, you have entered into an agreement, a contract, and the University has some concerns about the current agreement. This is rather complicated and needs to be more thoroughly investigated. The best way to handle this may be to get the Sakai Foundation established quickly, be able to accept money there and then this issue will be more easily resolved. There needs to be a meeting of the sub-group (Joseph, Babi, Lois, Mara, and Ian) to discuss the foundation and copyright issues. Board agreed to follow the Apache model but there are some issues with the Apache model that need to be addressed. Joseph will schedule this meeting.

Communications: As part of the transition, the board recommended that the current communications group become a Communications DG to focus on communications issues. The intent is to open up discussion on the issues while still providing focus. People have a lot of opinions and there are lots of people who can contribute the kind of time that is needed to work on this. There should be place where people could download, comment. Susan will be doing some research on this. In the meantime, the working group needs to stay focused. Anthony, Susan and John are taking a look at Confluence and doing a gap analysis of what we need to bring back into Sakai.

As we look ahead to release 2.x, the Board needs to be sure that the release works for everyone. There needs to be a clear summary of the things that have been accomplished. This summary should be on confluence. In terms of communications, there needs to be a way for Mike and Chuck to help the Board make some decisions in a more timely manner related to releases and their content. These are not just board communications any more. The board noted that they should almost create a "Mike Elledge DG" or a "Project Management DG"and let people join it or not as they see fit to obtain information and make suggestions. It was agreed that Mike would provide updates at each board meeting. As it becomes part of the board minutes, it would become public at that time, if it wasn't already.

There was an earlier thread asking about the Enterprise DG and working with open EAI. Duffy, as the DG Lead, felt that they wanted to contribute and thought it would be a good idea. As the DG Lead, Duffy can make the discussion as open or closed as he wants.
Chuck Severance led a discussion on the development activities. He noted that an all-day Developers meeting was scheduled for June 17.

Concerning the OSP integration and resources area upgrades Joseph indicated that he had talked to a few people and was convinced that the amount of time it takes away from priority development activity is very small and well worth it in the long run. Work on hierarchy is still going forward full speed and will not be delayed by this.

If we continue working on the highest priority, hierarchy, what is the trade off? Chuck responded that work on hierarchy can begin as soon as Glenn and Lance can find some time. The Resources/OSP work is really a minimal level of effort with our programmers, using them when the Resources/OSP developers get stuck In the 2.1 release you can think of making a change to the CVS. There is a chance that the work will not go as planned and the OSP developers will not be able to do the work. Chuck will make that determination at the July meeting, based on where we are at that time. Joseph asked Chuck to set up a meeting on the hierarchy and superstructure work. He noted that Lance has built a lot of stuff and he and Glenn need to sit down for 3 days in a row to figure out how it works together. That work will start early next week and will just go forward through all of this. Brad stated that if anyone has the impression that the Resources work is a bunch of work which is not good for Sakai, they are wrong. It is in the self interest for everyone planning to implement OSP, and for those planning to implement Sakai. If we don't do this now, we will have a big problem next spring, or spend a lot of time to pull back together at a later time.

Joseph reported that work is going forward toward the 2.1 release. Chuck and Mike need to spend some quality time together to provide the board with an overview of all the work being done and exactly what we mean by hierarchy. There are a large number of issues around this. There remains a lot of work to be done, but by July 6 we should have a full picture of what can be done, what has to wait, etc.

Brad reported on the OSPI board meeting. He felt that the meeting ended quite well, with 80% of the people there feeling that the proposal to the board was a good thing. An OSP Net group was formed. The board felt that a number of OSP workers will provide a very healthy overlap with the pedagogy group, providing a very good outcome.

The board needs to regroup and discuss how to manage the governance discussion. An advisory group is needed to work this issue. It would be good for the board to set a goal for ourselves related to membership, Apache licensing, corporations, and other issues.

A program committee needs to be formed for the next conference. Send recommendations to Joseph and plan to make a decision in July.

The conference call ended at 2:23 p.m.

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