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  • You cannot deliver the same assessment/assignment in Samigo with different settings for different groups (individuals who need extentions or different time limits, groups that need different settings)
  • There are certain dependencies between settings but they are in different collapsed groupings so it is hard to show relationships
  • It is hard to scan 14 different groups of settings for the thing you want; all titles look equally important, even when some are important and others settings are hardly used
  • When all the options are expanded it becomes unwieldy--you cannot see them all on screen at the same time, and it is easy to lose track.
  • You cannot add overrides within the same assessment; if you want to give slightly different settings to a group or individual, you need to republish another instance of the assessment. This becomes a problem when tracking items in gradebook.


First draft below, see child pages for second draft details

  • Larger groupings of settings; as much as possible, show settings that are interdependent in the same grouping
  • Only show settings when relevant
  • Accordion shows only one grouping at a time, since it is impossible to view multiple groups of settings together on the same screen 
  • Expose the most relevant grouping by default: Availability and Submissions
  • Use pulldowns, rather than radio buttons, to keep selectable options more compact so more can be viewed on screen at a time


  • Have not gone into enough detail to see how this will address some of the other settings issues



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