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Update: High Stakes Testing BOF


Prior to the LA Sakai Conference, an informal online SAMigo survey and Google Spreadsheet were distributed to the Sakai community to gather some information about SAMigo (who's using it, how and under what conditions it's being used, and levels of satisfaction). This data was then used to jump start the discussion at the conference's SAMigo Stakeholders Birds of a Feather (BoF) session. The survey results and feedback at the BoF suggest there is considerable interest in moving SAMigo to a community stewardship model, in which the institutional stakeholders of the tool take joint responsibility for its maintenance, development, and functional/technical roadmap.

Representatives from Indiana University and Stanford University have begun to lay the groundwork for this transition, and we invite all who are interested to join us in this work.  We plan to establish a working group consisting of designers, developers, functional experts, and QA testers committed to working together to maintain the current SAMigo codebase and enhance the tool to meet the current and future needs of the Sakai community.  The working group will meet on a regular basis (frequency to be determined) and communicate between meetings via a mailing list.


Miami 2014 Apereo BOF

Mailing List

Communication between meetings will take place on the following mailing list:  To subscribe, fill out the subscription form at

New Members

Please add your (and you institution/organization's information to the following pages:

Meeting Information

Day/Time:  Monthly, First Tuesdays  11am PT  / Noon MT / 2-3 ET / 18:00 UCT
Phone number +1 812 856 7060; when prompted to "Enter the number you wish to dial," enter 2285713#  225713#  
Titanpad notes:
Adobe Connect Room (for screen sharing when needed):

Ongoing Work:

Agenda for Tuesday, July 1, 2014 

I) What is the future of this working group? See end of this presentation

2) do we need a separate mailing list?

3) if need conference line, switch to Cauliflower?

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