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  • Running Samigo 2.4 in Sakai 2.3
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If you want all the new features and performance improvement of 2.4/2.4.x, but you can't upgrade to Sakai 2.4 yet, you might want to try following the steps below to run Samigo 2.4/2.4.x inside Sakai 2.3/2.3.x. Please note that this is for reference only.

1. Have a Sakai 2.3.x instance

2. Remove Samigo and check out Samigo 2.4.x

3. Under sakai/sam directory, issue following commands:

    svn merge -r 22685:22684 .(revert SAK-8674)
    svn merge -r 18130:18129 .(revert SAK-7137)
    svn merge -r 18134:18133 . (revert SAK-7137)

4.  Open sakai/sam/samigo-qti/src/java/org/sakaiproject/tool/assessment/qti/helper/
    a. Look for method makeFCKAttachment(String text):
        String accessURL = ServerConfigurationService.getAccessUrl();           
        String accessURL = "/access"; 

    b. Look for method getImportedPrependString(String text):
        String accessPath = ServerConfigurationService.getAccessPath();           
        String accessPath = "/access";

5. Open sakai/sam/samigo-cp/src/java/org/sakaiproject/tool/assessment/contentpackaging/
    Look for method processDescription(String description):
    String prependString = ServerConfigurationService.getAccessUrl() + ContentHostingService.REFERENCE_ROOT;  
    String prependString = "/access" + ContentHostingService.REFERENCE_ROOT;

6. Get the 2.3 to 2.4 conversion script from 2.4 (sakai_2_3_1-2_4_0_mysql_conversion.sql or sakai_2_3_1-2_4_0_oracle_conversion.sql). Run the sql related to Samigo (the ones under "SAMIGO conversion").

7. Rebuild Samigo and restart tomcat 

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