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As part of the Sakai 2.1.0 release, the 2.1.0 version of Tests & Quizzes/SAMigo assessment tool was also released. This release marks the most functional and stable version of the tool to date.

The main functional improvement is the tool has been made "section-aware", that is the ability to filter assessments by sections (e.g. discussion, labs, etc.) in the grading interface. Based on memberships assigned in the new Section Info tool, now teaching assistants can only see students' assessments for the sections for which they are responsible. Alternatively, the instructor can choose to look at assessments one section at a time. Other functional enhancements include improved workflows for assessment authoring and assessment taking based on 2.0.1 usability reviews. See a full list of functional improvements on the release notes page.

Under the hood, the tool has been completely refactored to expose an API for the tool. (src/org/sakaiproject/tool/assessment/shared/api) Now the Sakai framework or other tools can call this API rather than making direct method calls. This level of abstraction allows for looser coupling with Sakai (or another CMSs) and for a clean stand-alone build of the tool. More information on these changes can be found here:

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