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  • 2.2 Requirements
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SAMigo 2.2 requirements (DRAFT)

Note: These requirements are still waiting on the Sakai 2.2 requirements prioritization process.


  1. Audio-recording question type (research)
    • Must-have for Stanford's fall '06 deployment
  2. Grading - Export Assessment responses (e.g. from a survey) to Excel or QTI responses format
    • joint UC-Davis/Stanford development
  3. Templates
    • Change name of "Templates" to "Assessment Types"
    • Include a set of default Assessment Types in OOTB release (e.g. Quiz, Problem Set, High-stakes Test, etc.)
      • farm out type designation and settings selections to Assessment Tools DG?

Other previously-specified features

...i.e. got dropped along the way.

  • Ability to upload/attach files at the assessment, part and question level.
    • Possibly integrate with Sakai's ContentHosting API?
  • Question Pools:
    • Finer grain sharing of questions pools (e.g. by department/school, ad-hoc group, individuals)
    • Import/export of pool(s) in QTI format.
  • Templates
    • Finer grain sharing of templates (e.g. by department/school, ad-hoc group, etc.)


  • WYSIWYG editor
    • Syncronize with Sakai's WYSIWYG
    • Make configurable to use another editor like FCKeditor
  • Stand-alone version specs
    • We need to specify the value or values for "released to" that will be supported and will continue to be supported in future versions on all Sakai sites. Any released to value will be placed in the QTI metadata and can potentially be imported, so it needs to exist. We already had this issue in handling Samigo 1.5 QTI, see: We also need to manage user expectations.
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