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Proposal and Development Status
Tool Feature Overview
XWiki - Sakai Integration Presentation Link
Configuration and Installation Notes
XWiki Documentation

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  1. Questions asked by Megan May and Seth Theriault:

    1) Is this a tool or is this some type of integration with another server?

    Answer: This is really an integration and not a new tool, though we are planning to use the BasicLTI tool for integration with the separate XWiki instance.

    2) Was option 1 deferred to another date?  I think that is what I read but it wasn't explicitly stated.

    Answer:  Option1 had more overhead in its implementation.  The thinking there was that users could log into XWiki independent of Sakai, but this does not seem like a necessary use case to support.  Instead, with option 2 all authentication takes place within Sakai.

  2. On the RDF stuff (something I'm interested in, and have worked on), I've been thinking more generally for OAE ...

    Somewhat similar to zemanta, I recently came across this SKOS editor and visualization tool, and a screenshot that I think suggests a possible direction for OAE. Idea is to take something like Drupal's taxonomy tool (Drupal 7 has RDF support baked in, and it includes using RDFa-embedded SKOS), but then layer in the ability to automatically tie OAE content into these schemes and descriptions.

    So imagine being able to collaboratively maintain a taxonomy'/glossary as something little more complex than a simple list, and then having it exposed everywhere in a site.