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  • Single Node, Invalid Results - October 12, 2010 Q1 milestone RC2
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WITH_DASH.jmx was run October 12, 2010 on a single VM node, default build of the 10/12/2010 morning commit.

The logout test thread was set to a .nl domain, and so failed on all cases. Test was stopped about 11 hours, due to questionable value of results.

The following data is therefore just samples.


Grab these from the mac book tomorrow. It looks like it's going to take another hour to shut down the test threads

Test Plan

The WITH_DASH.JMX test plan was run. This test plan logs a user in, loads a dashboard-like set of urls including system/me, /var/widgets.json, /var/search, /var/contact and similar, then logs the user out.

The test is set to run for 100,000 loops. This is probably excessive as a first attempt load test.

Tested Configuration

Single Node, Linux Virtual Machine, unspecified number of cores, unknown amount of RAM.
Behind an F5 BigIP load balancing switch, providing to the test box computers from the University Network (NYU-NET).


  File Modified
JPEG File Sakai3SingleNodeLoadTestNodeNetwork.jpeg October 12, 2010 Single Node Load Test target system Oct 12, 2010 by
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