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Steps for reporting Sakai 3 UI bugs

Background information - Sakai's general steps for reporting a bug in jira.

Before you create an issue

  • Search the appropriate project in JIRA to see if the issue already exists
  • If bug is listed as fixed, ensure its at least 1 day old (ie, fix is included in the test servers nightly build). Re-open issue with details.

Steps for creating a new issue

Create new issue

Project: select 'Sakai 3 UI Dev'

Issue Type: select 'Bug' in most cases.

Summary: provide a brief summary describing the issue.

Avoid overly general descriptions like "Submit button is broken" and provide more information when possible. e.g."Clicking submit button does not submit form"

Priority: select most appropriate in consultation with the help button beside the dropdown.

Components: select the most appropriate

Affects Versions: select version 1.2.0

Fix Versions: select '1.2.0'
Assignee: leave blank, (UI dev team will complete)

Environment: This is an important field. Please ensure all of the following information is included.

 Server: URL of server tested (in most cases it will be:

 Build:  Details from the footer. Click the Sakai logo in the footer of the sakai3 page copy and paste the information.e.g.

DEBUG: Nakamura Version: 1.0.0-35-ged7d963 | UX Version: 0.6-2147-gee43103
DOC mod date: 09/26/2011 11:44:36 | PLACE: search#l=content&q=&page=3

OS: The operating system being used (e.g. Windows XP SP3)
 Browsers Known to be Affected: Full list of browser version numbers which you can confirm the issue exists for. E.g. IE7.5.5730.13CO

Description: As much detail here as practical. At a minimum the description should contain:

  1. Summary of the problem (if more detail is needed than would fit in the summary field)
  2. Steps to reproduce the problem. (See Sample Steps to Reproduce at the bottom of the page for an example)
    Screencast containing recording of the steps to reproduce the bug.
  3. References to attachments. (E.g. see screenshot-1.jpg for X, screencast-1 for Y)
  4. A description of the perceived impact on end users.

Attachment: Screencasts, error logs, Supporting documentation/emails where appropriate. See

Original Estimate: leave blank (UI dev team will complete)

Security Level: Select Security Issue if the issue involves security exploits, vulnerabilities or sensitive data

Conversion Script Required: leave unchecked

Create button: Click Create button to submit bug.

After creating issue:

Supplemental data can be added to a bug after it has initially been created. This section addresses attaching files

Select Attach Files from the More Actions menu in the issue nav.

  Standard filenames ok provided they are referenced by the description/comments. Add as many as appropriate

Important: If the issue was found while performing a test case, include the Test ID in the description (e.g. T1.1, or T2.3).

See example (not as good as it could be) JIRA SAKIII-607

Helpful free tool for Screenshots/screencasts

This is easy and fast to use:

You can capture screenshots and quickly add arrows, etc to highlight issues, copy to clipboard and used jira's attach screenshots to add to the jira issue.

You can capture screencasts easily, upload them and include a link as part of the description of the jira issue. Else you can save a copy and include  as an attachment.

Some tips:

  • The free version  captures video pixel perfect in SWF which creates large file sizes. If you reduce the size of your browser before capturing or capture a smaller area this will help reduce file sizes.
  • When selecting an area to capture, you can move your cursor over a program window it will automatically highlight either pane of a program which you can single click to accept, or manually select an area of the screen.

Sample Steps to Reproduce

When entering steps to reproduce, make sure to include every step required to reproduce the problem. If the problem can only be reproduced intermittently, detail that in the bug as well

Steps to reproduce
1) On remote server log in with UserA
(local servers upload too quickly)
2) Select Create + Add > Add Content
3) Browse to a large file (I've replicated with 3 MB and 10 MB files) and click Add
4) Click Done, Add Collected
5) Click the Cancel link
Dialog is closed
6) Choose Explore > Browse all categories (or refresh your current page)
7) Select You -> My Library
My Library page is loaded but is blank. (attachment MyLibrary-me.html#l=library.png)
8) Sign out with UserA
9) Sign in with UserB
10) Search for UserA
11) View UserA's Library
Library count includes the aborted upload, but no entry is in the results (attachment Libraryuser.htmlid=qakent#l=library.png)

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