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Sakai Kernel

Prior to Sakai 2.6, the back-end or framework services were part of the overall Sakai package. Starting with Sakai 2.6, these services were pulled out into a separate Sakai Kernel package. Sakai 2.6, and the rest of the 2.x series, are based on version 1 of this Kernel (or K1). Sakai 3 is likely to be based on the next major release of the Kernel, version 2 or K2.

Kernel 1 (K1)

Kernel 1.0.0 was released in October 2008 for use by Sakai 2.6, which is anticipated to be released Mid July, 2009. Kernel 1.0.x maintenance releases are anticipated as bugs and performance issues are resolved, however, new features in the Kernel 1.x (K1) series will be reserved for Kernel 1.1; Sakai 2.7 was based on Kernel 1.1.

More information on Kernel 1.x...

Nakamura aka Kernel 2 (K2)

Beginning in late 2008 Nakamura (or K2) began evolving rapidly as a possible kernel architecture on which to build Sakai OAE. Here are some important sources of information on Nakamura:

Sakai Nakamura is based on Apache Sling which aims to create a Content Management System based on Apache Jackrabbit. Apache Sling is being used as the basis for a number of commercial Content Management Systems including Day Software's CQ5 see

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