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Authoring Use Case - Subject Research Guide

Sakaibrary is working on support for creation and publication of "subject research guides". A subject research guide (or SRG) is a document with live links to various tools and resources to support library research. Those include citations, collections of citations, canned searches (a fully specified search for resources or citations that occurs when a link is clicked or when the document is rendered, as opposed to when the document is created), constrained searches (a search that is partially specified to limit search targets or search terms in some way while still allowing the user to add other constraints), and unconstrained searches. Those kinds of items are specified by some set of attributes or metadata. An SRG also contains text, images, other internal or external links, lists, headings, and possibly subheads. Collections of citations, canned-search results, and the targets of external links might be expanded inline in the document, or they may be rendered in a pop-up of some type.

The author of an SRG should be able to use edit-in-place widgets to create and revise text items, lists, headings and subheads. For creating or revising other types of items (including searches, citations, collections of citations, and external links), it should be possible to specify the necessary attributes or metadata in a modal dialog while still showing the context in which the item is to appear. The SRG creator should be able to specify attributes related to the display of resources (e.g. link to the resources or show it inline).

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