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Following a Twitter conversation with @ostertoaster (Mike Osterman), I wanted to make sure I would capture this idea, which is pretty neat for instructors... This idea also belongs to @sarah_hurlburt, a faculty member at Whitman College.

Red Pen Mode

If the WYSIWYG editor, or any editable field in view mode, could give access to a Red Pen mode, where someone who's a figure of authority in a site could annotate/give feedback on a specific chunk of text, that would be great!

Highlighter Mode

Same concept as the Red Pen Mode, but instead of inserting the new content inside the original chunk of text, it could be inserted as a comment bubble that could be triggered by hovering it, or as a footnote of some nature.


  1. Mathieu, since I know you're a Tablet PC aficionado, maybe you want a "real" red pen or highlighter to mark up content in a field on a form. Something along the lines of what InkSurvey utilizes perhaps.


    1. Yes, I would love that, but I am in the 0.01% of people who REALLY uses a Tablet PC, so focusing on such a feature is probably not the best think at this point in time. Doesn't hurt to ask, but the gap is more significant.