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  • Mark Norton -- Content Authoring Needs
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I would like to be able to compose a page of content that allows me to communicate one or more learning concepts. I'd like to have the freedom to use any kind of media that I think will help communicate those points including text, graphics, sound, videos, marked-up content, simulations, or anything else. I'd like to be able to use this content without having to worry about installing special editors or plug-ins to view them, or at least have the system manage as much of it as possible. I'd like to have control over the way this content is presented, both the individual elements on a page, and the whole page itself. I'd like to be able to control placement, size, color, emphasis, etc. It should be very easy to add new content types as I discover them and I'd like to mash-up different things into new media types. It would also be good to be able to work with content in more than one way - such as with an editing application and the Sakai Resource tool. I'd like to be able to create pages from templates or clone existing pages and use them as templates.

I would like to be able to take simple content items along with more complex ones (like pages) and deliver them in different sorts of ways. I'd like my students to be able to move through a sequence of pages (or items) in a linear fashion, yet still be able to back up if needed. I'd like to be able to bookmark a particular place in the sequence and be able to save and resume from that point. I'd also like to be able to package one or more sequences together to form modules and larger structures. I'd like the packages to be portable using industry standards like SCORM, OCW, IMS-CC, IMS-CP, etc.

I'd Sakai to keep track of the pages I've viewed and track completion (what ever that may mean). It should record any attempts and results for interactive exercises that may be present. I'd like to be able to assign a content page, sequence, or module and assign a grade for completion. I'd also like to track partial and intermediate results that may contribute to a graded exercise. I want to be able to control when students have access to a page, sequence, or module, and I'd like to be able to specify when it becomes unavailable again.