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1. Combining tag libraries

It's legal to combine different non-standard JSF tag libraries in your application, and it's legal to use the myfaces extended tag libraries (such as Tomahawk) on top of Sun's implementation of the JSF standard. Here's where you need to show caution:

  1. Try not to refer directly from your code to a specific implementation of the standard JSF interface. It's not a good idea to tie yourself that closely to one flavor over another.
  2. Technically, it's OK for application-specific JSF tags to refer to other JSF tag libraries, but this will keep you from being able to export your tags out to the Sakai-wide JSF component module. (If the situation ever arises, we can deal with it by segregating the library-add-ons into their own JARs and TLDs; for example, we might start producing a "sakai-jsf-tomahawk.jar".)
  • Taming JSF 1.1 - A bit out of date, but still a good start for understanding some of the challenges and local idioms you'll find.
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