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Use cases

Brief description (and link to full description)




Site home page




Research Guide

Tool and Widgets



Freeform site page



1) Instructor wants to setup a page which has a text on the left, a poll in the upper left, a forum in the lower left. 2) Instructor wants to setup their site homepage with a welcome message at the top, the recent announcements below, the grades for the current student in the lower left, the recent assignments in the lower right. 3) Instructor wants to setup a page with the content of a website (external) at the top, the content of a locally stored document below, and a related quiz at the bottom.
For all of these the instructor would choose these things from a list and place them on the page, controlling the size and location of each one independently.

WYSIWYG survey



Instructor goes to edit a survey and they see the survey on screen as it looks to the student with some instructions at the top (how to edit). They mouse over the title, instructions and items (questions) in the survey and an edit icon appears. Clicking the icon or the item causes it to change into an edit view of that item. They enter new data and click Save (or cancel). The item data is saved without a page refresh and the new data is visible in the view (as the student would see it).

Narrative Course Pages



Instructor wishes to create a site that sets out student work on a week by week basis.(S)he wants to create a page for each week and on it list the activities the student should be achieving during the week, readings, research, assignments, tests, etc. possibly with grades for previous weeks shown after the week is completed

Teaching Modules



Instructor wishes to create teaching materials to convey a particular fact or point of understanding. Instructor creates web pages (with more or less structure and more or less complexity) and uploads to Sakai resources where they are navigated by relative URL from an index.html page e.g. Michigan Clinical School, Melete, or Sousa


OSP form(s)

course or project

Student creates a website showcasing accomplishments by editing OSP forms (which may include an FCKeditor). These forms are then assembled into the website by means of the OSP Portfolio tool.

Some Authoring Contexts