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Tuesday Morning

Full Group (Remote Participation in Sakai002)

  • Review Agenda & Desired Outcomes
  • Demonstrations of current tools/ideas
  • Discussion of vision(s)

Tuesday Afternoon

Full Group (Remote Participation in Sakai002)

  • Pics on the board (see attachments and Mark's Authoring Concepts)
  • Elaboration of use cases
  • Identification/separation of "problem spaces" (e.g. page assembly
    vs. page organization)

Wednesday Morning

Full Group (Remote Participation in Sakai002)

Minimum set of functionality for a release

  • Page Layout & Composotion/HTML editing
  • Simple Navigation (e.g. top level vs. linked)
  • Object Linking (including selection)
  • Object Embedding (including selection)
  • Cut, copy, paste (from/to word & html)
  • Auto Save/Redo/Undo
  • Create objects & Upload/Dowload
  • Document Templating
  • Skinning/Wordpress Themes (simple CSS)
  • Accessibility
  • Localization

Wednesday Afternoon

Highest priority items for linking/embedding:

Tool Item Priority

  • Announcement Announcement H
  • Assignments Submission H
  • Assignments Assignment H
  • Citation Citation List H
  • External Video H
  • External Audio H
  • External Image H
  • External URL (bookmark) H
  • External MathML - Mathematics H
  • Forums Topic H
  • Forums Thread H
  • Gradebook Gradebook column H
  • Polls Poll H
  • Portfolio Portfolio H
  • Resources Collection of resources H
  • Resources Single resource H
  • Samigo Test H
  • Schedule Calendar H
  • Some blog Blog H

Thursday Morning

Full Group (Remote Participation in Sakai002)

Video of the types of technology to support the information structure model.

Thursday Afternoon

(Remote Participation in Sakai002)

  • Ad hoc sessions
    • Get some work done on clickable prototypes

Minutes from 9-19-2008 Conference Call

  • Need for more time aside for technical people? Might be some issues getting the requirements crowd to speak up.
  • The agenda seems to be flexible enough to allow breakout sessions if necessary.
  • 2.X vs 3.0 solutions and time tables need to be explained. We should build a pro/con table of each option, and decide if our main focus will be on short term, long term, or both (a fix for 2.X, a complete deployment for 3.0).
  • Institutions should identify when these solutions would be locally implemented. Would set expectations better.


  • We have drinks but no food.
  • Nametags, tents, flipcharts.
  • Need a local pub with wifi.